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LaDarius Morrison
Basic Information
Location:North Las vegas, NV
Birthday:Feb 11
Short Desc:Recording Artist/ Songwriter/ Performer/ actor
Description:Tic was born on February 11, 1991 as LaDarius Morrison in Newellton Louisiana. He is also known as Tic Touch Money or "LaDee Morrison". Tic is from the streets of West Vegas in Las Vegas Nevada. His original stage name "G-Ghetto" stems from his childhood rap group, "Straight Ghetto" his name was given by his aunt (referencing G-MONEY, New Jack city 1991) He later changed it to LaDee Morrison as a way to brand himself. He was dubbed "the best in the west" by fellow rappers and onlookers, Tic is gradually establishing himself as one of hip hop's greatest and most consistent MCs. Tic has been active with helping other artist especially with their writing and breath control , Tic worked with many artist on the west coast in places spanning from Utah to California, Tic is determined and dedicated to his craft. Started rapping at age 6, And at age 16 and released one major album (The Pharmacy vol.1). He's a Rappers, rapper. He doesn't like dark liquor, One of his favorite Movies he would like to remake is "Menace II Society".

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