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Birthday:Aug 17
Description:Sabir was born in August of 1991 in Inglewood, California. At a young age, his family relocated to a small city 1 hour south of Atlanta, a city where he would grow and call home; Macon, Georgia.

Music was not always a love for Sabir, he remained relatively uninterested in it until February of 2004 when he heard Kanye West's album, "The College Dropout". He heard the album in its entirety while on a trip to Atlanta and it was that album that gave him his formal introduction, not only to hip-hop, but to a sound that will always be dear to his heart.

After that defining moment, towards the end of his 7th grade year, he began writing raps with his classmate Jowin under the pseudonym, Flow Forces. By 8th grade their passion for writing raps grew and they changed the group name to T-Tribe, and actually began to record songs and burn them to cds. In 2005, this was a rare accomplishment, nonetheless by a pair of 8th graders.

Throughout high school the pair split as a group but continued to work together through their personal endeavors. It was during this time that Sabir found his love for producing music. Tired of rambling through the internet to find beats to rap to, Sabir began to explore how to create and arrange his own tracks.

By his 2nd year in college, Sabir had learned the beat making and sampling techniques that made many of his influences famous, and was finally making quality music, as both his delivery and subject matter had grown just as substantially as his producing acumen.

What you see today, is a product of, 9 years and counting, the trial and error and fine tuning of a magnificent talent.

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