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P Williams
Basic Information
Birthday:Aug 6
Short Desc:Apostle of God
Description:Apostle Pardy has been given the mandate by God to start revivals throughout the whole world. The mandate has already started in Zimbabwe with revival meetings being held in the capital city, Harare spreading to all other cities of the country. Since revival is a move that is meant for the whole world, it will spread to other countries in Africa and to all the continents of the world until the church is revived and outpouring of the Holy Spirit is manifested leading to a great awakening ,not only in Zimbabwe or Africa, but to the four corners of the earth.

Gracious Annointing Ministries is a bible believing church that is located in the central business district of Harare. It was founded and is led by Apostle Pardy Williams. The church started operating in February 2013. Gracious Annointing Ministries is a church that emphasizes on the undiluted teachings of the true word of God and believes in the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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