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DJ Skitz
Basic Information
Location:Toronto, Cananda
Birthday:Apr 10
Short Desc:DJ
Description:DJ SKITZ's musical inclination developed early. As a young boy growing up surrounded by musical talent from both father and brother, he was able to nurture a deep appreciation for music. DJ SKITZ developed a fascination with the turntables that would soon help to form and create his personal identity. This deeply rooted passion proved to be both an outlet for elevation and escape as music played a therapeutic role in his life. His zealous attitude makes up the strong foundation on which he stands and will serve to his advantage as he prepares to tackle the world and the music industry.

Armed with raw talent, versatility, and his ability to embrace diversity DJ SKITZ is ready to battle his way to the top, where he rightfully belongs. What sets him apart from the competition? DJ SKITZ highly regards tradition as the fundamental of DJ'ing and therefore honours the value of conventional musicality.

DJ SKITZ is able to cater to his audience and exploit the platform on which he stands. He remains willing and ready to deliver music to those who love and appreciate both new and old music. With his dedication and desire to excel, DJ SKITZ skillfully provides music that will entertain, while remaining true to his personal and unique style of DJ'ing. Eager to continue growing DJ SKITZ indulges in the DJ'ing process and focuses his energy on attracting people who share in his love of music.

DJ SKITZ remains well grounded and continually strives to meet his high standards. Equipped with musical knowledge, determination, and devoted passion, DJ SKITZ is waiting to erupt and mark his territory. Look out, DJ SKITZ is on the rise.

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