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don houston
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Birthday:Feb 26
Short Desc:Car Consultant for Car Buyers
Description:The Car Man is dedicated to helping car buyers buy cars the right way. Educating consumers on getting the best finance terms with the lowest interest rates has always been his passion. Knowing what to look for when purchasing your car is essential whether it's your 1st car on your 10th car making the right choice is important. A wrong choice could cost you thousands. The Car Man is responsible for over 1000 car purchases in the past 2 years. The message of The Car Man has been heard on radio stations in Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Jackson Ms. to name a few. He has been a staple in the auto industry for 20 years and still makes himself available for free phone consultations for all car consumers. The Car Man's motto has been "you can with car man". Before your next car purchase reach out to The Car Man 877 870-4815

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