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Review: Ice Road


Review: Ice Road

This movie is a pleasant sidestep from Liam Neeson's pastfew projects that to me at least, seem to run together with similar plots andthemes. After looking up what an ice road was and finding out that they exist Imust admit I was intrigued. Laurence Fishburne being on the bill helped too.I'll save you the Google, an ice road are winter roads made over frozen riversor lakes in cold regions.  Written anddirected by Jonathan Hensleigh the film is aboutNeeson's character Mike McCann and his brother Gurty, who suffers from a braininjury, being contracted to bring equipment to help dig out miners who aretrapped after a collapse. The job is dangerous but promises a big bag at theend for everyone involved including a young woman whose brother is among thosetrapped. It wouldn't be a Neeson film if there wasn't corruption, conspiracy,and murder but credit to Hensleigh for creating afresh plot with action involving 18 wheelers. This film has a good pace anddelivers on action without shortchanging the audience on a viable plot. IceRoad is streaming on Netflix now.

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Interview: Eikon Cosmetics CEO LaQuicia Charnell

Eikon Cosmetics is hosting a hair, fashion, & beauty expo in Camden, NJ on Saturday March 28th.The event will take place from 4-9 pm at 1840 S Broadway, Camden, NJ.You'll be able to see artists at work in their craft with live demonstrations throughout the event. CEO LaQuicia Charnell promises an exciting evening with make-up contests, hair battles, and a fashion show. Bringing this event to her hometown of Camden is important to her as she sees it as her way of giving back. LaQuicia spoke with The Media Bee about what inspired her to get as many beauty influencers as she could in one place.

 "This is the first time Camden has seen anything like this, usually we have to travel to Cherry Hill, NJ, a suburb just outside of Camden, or Philadelphia. I wanted to bring stylists, make-up artists, vendors, models, and designers under one roof for one night to network and meet other people in their field. I wanted to give people a platform to grow their clientele."

 With Eikon Cosmetics' first major event approaching we reflected on the origins of her beauty and body line.

 "I was always into fashion, as long as I can remember my mom turned dresses that were too short into headbands and earrings, I was always into fashion! I'm also a mentor of my mother's drill team Camden Sophisticated Sisters, and because we are on a budget, I was the make-up artist and hairstylist."

As a young mother of a busy toddler, LaQuicia is surrounded by the strength of her village. Deciding to quit her nine to five and work on her passion was a family decision. Driven by the passion of developing organic products that are non animal tested, she began experimenting with formulas in her own kitchen. As creative as her ideas and business plan were, there were still things that she didn't know about developing your own cosmetics line or growing your own business.

 "We shouldn't just have to envision Kylie Jenner, I want them to envision Quicia."

 When she researched the details for how to manufacture products offsite, there wasn't a lot of information out there. When she tried reaching out to businesses already established, many times she was given the cold shoulder or straight up stone walled. She had to conduct a lot of self research which resulted in many trails and errors. This is why she makes it a point to answer questions that come her way, often time from complete strangers. Eikon Cosmetics is steadily building it's brand while making a way for others.

 "You want to start something, come talk to me, we can get you started, I want people to look at me and see that it's possible."

 Click on the link below for tickets to the Hair, Fashion, and Beauty Expo presented by Eikon Cosmetics


 Follow LaquiciaInstagram: @laquiciacharnell @eikoncosmeticsll

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