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The Media Bee Show: Funch The Camden Kid Takes His Turn

Hear Funch The Camden Kid thisSaturday on The Media Bee Show talking about his writing andproducing process, the importance of having a strong team, and themagic that happens when a city as critical and resilient as Camdenstands behind you.

Click Link Below To See The MusicVideos for "Shooters" feat. Money Carsin and "Sorry" Available on "My Turn" out now on all streaming platforms!!

Funch The Camden Kid- "Shooters" Ft. Money Carsin

Funch The Camden Kid- "Sorry"

Follow: @funchiePOS900 &@ funch_the_camden_kid on SocialMedia to stay up to date on everything Funch.

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Money Carsin: The State Of The Rap Game


Money Carsin: The State Of The Rap Game

Tuneinto The Media Bee Show Tonight To Hear Money Carsin tells ushow he got his start in the music industry and his opinion ofthe current state of the rap game.

Catchthe interview with Money Carsin THIS Saturday May 5th during TheMedia Bee Show at 6 pm- 10 pm Est on Evolve Radio! Go to listen or download the FREE EvolveRadio 247 App from your App Store!


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Bianca Ingram On Staying True To Yourself: The Media Bee Show

You don't want to miss my interviewwith top charting recording artist Bianca Ingram!! She's dishing allabout her upcoming project "Assimilation" and just how hardit is to stay true to yourself in the music industry.


Catch the my interview with BiancaIngram THIS Saturday April 7th during The Media Bee Showat 6 pm- 10 pm Est on Evolve Radio! Go to to listen or download the FREE Evolve Radio 247 App from your AppStore!


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The Media Bee Show: Exclusive Interview With Writer/Director Greg McFarland

Tune into my interview with Greg McFarland, the writer and director of the new stage play Behind The Door. Hear him talk about his time as an employee of the justice system and how he turned his feelings of hopelessness into a project of awareness for the community. He speaks about the three characters he created that embodies just some of the hurt and pain that he saw everyday. McFarland describes some of his personal experiences with the incarcerated population and the unseen wars they  faced in the world, and within themselves. He along with his fiancĂ©, Imani Pugh, aim to shed some light on the never ending revolving door of men- a lot of them convicted of petty crimes- that continue to get recycled and never really treated for the traumas that landed them there.

Log onto or download the FREE Evolve Radio APP in your App Store to catch the special The Media Bee Show/Unsigned Hype cross-over interview with Evolve Radio's own Storm!

Behind The Door Debuts On April 6th & 7th @ 7pm And April 8th @ 5 pm At The Community Education Center 3500 Lancaster Avenue Philadelphia, PAClick The Link Below For Your Tickets Now!!


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Tune Into The Media Bee Show


Tune Into The Media Bee Show

Tonight!!Saturdays 6-10 pm Est.Go To to listen or Download the FREE Evolve Radio 247 App! MeTwitter: TheRealMediaBeeFacebook/ Instagram: The Media Be

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Camden Native Offers Helping Hand Through Second Hand Goods

Katreece Stevens squeezed in time for the Bee and explained how she found herself a new business owner and a resource for the community. Born and raised in Camden, NJ Stevens always wanted to give back but it wasn't until she found herself unexpectedly out of work due to an injury that she decided to seize her chance to strike it as a business owner.

 "It was never in my plan to open a thrift shop. I was dedicated to the law firm I worked for for 14 years but I found myself in a situation where I had to figure out if I was going to strike out on my own or to continue to work for someone else. I'm into reality shows like "Pawn Stars" or "Storage Wars" and one night it clicked! I said 'That's how I'm going to give back!' My husband take what ever we make and donate it to shelters, families, hospitals or whoever is in need including my adopted family. My Shop is dedicated to the city of Camden. I like to help people by enforcing my positivity onto the next, I'm helping others pay it forward.

 The Profit from the shop allows me to offer free services like free notary, interview prep, including outfits for the interviews to those who can't afford it. I get them ready, This is truly a multipurpose shop and this all happened so fast! I had the idea on August 30th and the shop opened on October 28th! But I did this off of faith- I have faith in my shop! We also have a wish list. If you can't find what you're looking for in the shop I will look for it- anywhere. Once I find it I'll call you to let you know it's in. If you're on our wish list your items are guaranteed to be here!"


 You can hear the full interview with Katreece Stevens this Saturday December 30th on The Media Bee Show airing on Evolve Radio 24/ 6-10 Est.Log on to Or Download The FREE Evolve Radio24/7 App From You App Store

 Upscale Thrift Shop is located at 200 & 202 N. Blackhorse Pike Runnemede, NJ 08078 856-832-7150Store HoursMondays & Tuesday- Saturdays 11-7Wed the shop is closed for donations by appointment only Call 856-406-2609 for cash exchange or donation drop offs.


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Haley Smith Creates Music That Moves


Haley Smith Creates Music That Moves

Meet Haley Smith, a multi-talented teen with a powerful message. Singing has long been a passion of hers since she started flexing her vocal skills at the age of six. After losing her father to street violence at the younger of 13, she was able to channel her loss and deliver a winning performance at the Apollo shortly after. But it didn't stop there, producer Chas Bronxson had caughter her moving performance and worked with the teen on her single I Miss My Daddy.

" I wanted to help young kids out there like me that don't have a relationship with father," says the 16 year old. Bronxon also adds that they plan on dealing with the reasons that little girls are missing a parent whether it's from absence by choice, death, or the military.

The busy 10th grader, who happens to act and is an accomplished dancer as well, still manages to find time to be a teenager enjoying shows like The Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer, and Grey's Anatomy and listening to artists like August Alsina, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd.
See The Music Video For "I Miss MyDaddy" HERE: 

You can find Haley's singles "SafePlace" and "Silent Night" (Rendition) for purchase andstreaming on ITunes, Amazon, Tidal, IHeart Radio, Spotify etc.
KeepTrack Of Haley Smith On Social Media:Facebook- - -

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Review: 'So I Wrote This For You'


Review: 'So I Wrote This For You'

So I Wrote This For You comes from rising new author Victoria Ryan. This book reads like the thoughts of both someone young, new and fresh to the concepts of love and at the same time speaks to the heartbreak known by the weathered. Ryan needs no markers that end each poem yet her words will have you taking your own breaths and breaks.                                  


...How many of us are there? Women who you've pained by not being able to love them as much as they love you...                  

  Ryan is a thief that has stolen not only our deepest thoughts about break-ups, "situationships", and finding your soul mate you've been pining for your entire life but also the discovery of self-love. If you don''t believe me I challenge you to count the times you will utter "Damn" after a passage. I feel like there are quotes for days that will speak to each and every reader that has ever held on to someone and called that embrace love.                                                                                                      


   ...So let''s make up until the scent of anger and apologies fill the room. Let''s fix this the only way two lovers with this much passion know how. Neither of us are going...                                                                                                                                 

Though an easy read it''s impossible to rush through because of all the wondering you''ll be doing through your own Love Hall Of Fame. This book is the bread crumbs for lost hearts and if this is an example of what we can expect from this author in the future, let''s just send her a big "Stay out of my head!" now.                                                                                                          

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Your new favorite girl group is serving you Work their latest single! Matthew Knowles' triple threat Blush isn't showing any signs of slowing down after the success of their last single Cinderella.  Sunni, Bunni Ray, and Tali are giving us major girl-power vibes in this video and aren't shy about showcasing same sex love. See Blush's New Video For Work HERE!

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A Seat At The Feminist Business Society's Table


A Seat At The Feminist Business Society's Table

This fall I attended a dinner organized by the ladies of The Feminist Business Society, but this wasn't your average ladies luncheon. Founded by Erin Johnson, Tamika Mason, and Brittany & Tiffany Moye, the banquet focused on professional women pooling their resources and contacts to further their own business' and professional aspirations. To say that it was inspiring is the least. With it's core founders being from my home town of Camden, NJ their ultimate goal and vison is anything but self-serving, that was proven in the discussions of the night.Everything about the dinner made the attendees feel exclusive like they were becoming apart of something great for the city at the ground floor. The location was kept secret until days before revealing itself to be at The Camden County Historical Society building. Ladies were escorted on a guided tour before being seated in a dinning hall and treated to a sit down dinner with entertainment by rising singing and spoken word artist Rayel. The evening continued with networking and formal introductions. We were then encouraged to open up about our experiences in the work force, the struggle of female entrepreneurism, and balancing work, education, and of course family life. When the dinner concluded their was solidarity and power in the air, and it smelled like feminism.Amidst the bustle and excitement in the end I grabbed time to sit with the founders and discuss their goals for the society.

                                                                                                                                                                                       The Media Bee: Thanks for siting down with me at the end of your exciting evening! Can you tell me a little bit about how the society came together.

Erin Johnson: I had this ideal and reached out to Brittany Moye, a beaqutique owner who brought her sister Tiffany whos and aspiring decorator.

Tamika Mason: I grew up with Erin and I was following her and saw that she released her own on line boutique and was so intrigued with her feminist clothing line and had to reach out to tell her an idea I had brewing. From there we kind of collaborated ideas and that's how this all came together.

The Media Bee: All of you ladies are from the city of Camden, where do you see this going forward as far as empowering the citizens of Camden namely young females.

Erin: This is all an experiment and I almost didn't see past this, but now we want to work on a second installment and focus on our business directory so that we can all stay connected and support each other. If you need a party planner, if you sell clothes, I don't care if you  are a tutor. If you have a service, we want you in this directory. So our second installment is coming and will probably be a spring brunch.

The Media Bee: Brittany, it's amazing that you were all doing your own thing having the same ideas, how did you guys come up with the name for the society?

Brittany Moye: Well, Erin and I met by networking on social media and instantly clicked and we just started brainstorming of what to call this and I thought of here collection and it was right in front of us- The Feminists!

The Media Bee: Tiffany, do you see this getting bigger?

Tiffany Moye: Yes, definitely! I'm just happy to be on board, I'm an up and coming event planner, and I wan this to become huge, especially for the city of Camden.

The Media Bee: Do you ladies think you will be branching out to holding other events not just for women but for the city of Camden.

Erin: A portion of the proceeds from my personal business goes to non-profit organizations and community service projects here in the city. We don't have to create new things if it already exists. We had quite a few ladies here tonight from non-profits and I'm willing and ready to rally around and support them.

The Media Bee: Well we will definitely be looking out for more Feminists Business Society events in the future!


Find The Feminists Business Society on Instagram at feministbusiness.society & on Facebook as Feminist Business Society

Find Erin Johnson's Clothing line www.shop_thecollective

Find Brittany Moye's online boutique on Instagram at _fashionflavors

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