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Heart Expressions With Barbra for

Heart Expressions With Barbra for

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Heart Expressions With Barbra
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Birthday:Sep 17
Short Desc:Author and Talk Show Host
Description:Barbra is passionately and eternally devoted to the ministry of Lord Christ. As a Certified Biblical Counselor, Adjunct Instructor for Christian Research and Development, conference speaker and Bible teacher, Barbra has an unrelenting commitment to the expository teaching of the Word of God.

She is Founder and CEO of Heart Expressions Ministry, a ministry devoted to discipling women to live lives expressing the heartbeat of God. She is currently working on her first book project "Every Beat of My Heart" sharing prescriptions for the physical, emotional, and spiritual blockage that hinders the Source of Life, which flows from the heartbeat of God. Barbra is a partner with PG3Ministry, a ministry designed to encourage the honest expression of emotional struggles. She is president of the Royal Ambassadors for Christ and traveled to Senegal West Africa in 2007, as missionary and representative of the RAFC.

Barbra is the host of the Barbra Gentry Pugh Show where she provides a wide range of information to assist in bringing balance and wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. In addition, her show introduces and supports Christian business and professional women entrepreneurs.

Barbra received her Bachelor's Degree in Human Services from the University of Detroit. She received her Masters Degree in Christian Education from Michigan Theological Seminary, now Moody Theological Seminary-Michigan. Barbra is a member of the National Biblical Counseling Association (NBCA), and the Lydia Circle of Business and Professional Women. She is a Certified Biblical Counselor and Adjunct Instructor for Christian Research and Development.

Barbra has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 35 years.

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