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Killer Mike's Greenwood Black-owned bank receives "tens of thousands" of account requests in less th
Killer Mike of Run the Jewels performs at FYF Festival on July 22, 2017 in Los Angeles.

New York (CNN)A new majority Black and Latinx-owned and operated digital bank hopes to make supporting Black-owned banks and businesses a little easier for consumers.Greenwood was created by Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover and his close friend, rapper-activist Michael "Killer Mike" Render. The leadership team at Greenwood, which includes former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, unveiled their new platform on Thursday after raising more than $3 million in seed funding in June.Glover has been working on Greenwood since early 2019, but he said interest in the venture spiked after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked a nationwide reckoning with racism that has inspired many Americans - including manyin the corporate world - to support Black-owned businesses and financial institutions.While the bank doesn't open until January, the company launched its website on Thursday and there is already a waiting list for those who want to open a Greenwood account.

"I will say we're in the tens of thousands," Glover told CNN Business on Friday. "That number is increasing by the day."

What is Greenwood?

Like its competitors ChimeAspiration, Money Lion and Vero, Greenwood is a digital bank whose financial services - including checking and savings accounts, mobile deposits and peer-to-peer transfers - are fulfilled almost entirely online. The bank offers a global ATM network, Apple and Android Pay services, and two-day advances on paychecks for customers who sign up for direct deposit.

Unlike its peers, however, Greenwood's target audiences are Black and Latinx communities and anyone else who wants to support Black-owned businesses. Glover says the bankwill specialize in financing Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who typically have a harder time securing loans from mainstream commercial banks."In order to build wealth, you need bank capital," Glover said. "We will identify qualified entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives to equip them with the capital needed to make their dreams a reality."Greenwood is named after the former Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, an early 20th century African-American business community that was so prosperous it was nicknamed Black Wall Street. A mob of White Americans destroyed the Greenwood district during the 1921 Tulsa race massacre.

Why bank Black?

Before it was destroyednearly a century ago, Glover said,a dollar spent in Tulsa's Greenwood district would circulate 36 times before leaving the community."Today, a dollar circulates for 20 days in the White community, but only six hours in the Black community," Render said in a written statement. Black Americans are twice as likely to be denied mortgage loans by traditional banks, but minority depository institutions have a better track record of lending to non-White individuals."This lack of fairness in the financial system is why we created Greenwood," Render added.

Why create a digital bank?

Killer Mike of Run the Jewels performs at FYF Festival on July 22, 2017 in Los Angeles.Glover points out that Americans have been banking online almost exclusively at higher rates in recent years. It's a trend major commercial banks have been slow to embrace and a sector Glover says hasn't done much to reach out to minorities."There were no digital banking solutions that cater to the African-American or Latinx communities until Greenwood," Glover said.In 2017, about 17% of Black Americans didn't have a bank account, compared to just 3% of White Americans, according to an FDIC study.There are only 23 minority-owned banks in the US today. Glover says those brick-and-mortar institutions have done a "fairly good job" supporting minority communities over the years, but "today is a new day.""We believe there is an opportunity to continue to super serve our community by creating a digital bank that maybe the traditional African-American, Latinx banks just don't understand," he said. "We certainly know the traditional larger banks don't understand our community."Glover founded Bounce TV in 2010 before it was sold to TV station owner E.W. Scripps in 2017 -an acquisition deal that included two other networks - for $292 million, according to Deadline. The self-described serial entrepreneurwas inspired to create Greenwood in 2018 after noticing his son and daughter did all their banking online."I believe digital banking is the wave of the future, not just something that's popular now," he said.

  • courtesy of CNN


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    The beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon is "water under the bridge", according to Royce Da 5'9". Eminem and Cannon's feud spans more than a decade. The issues between them largely stemmed from Cannon's relationship with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, who Em has dissed on multiple occasions.

    Slim Shady's most recent diss aimed at Cannon emerged in 2019 when he took a shot at his rival on Fat Joe's 'Lord Above'. Cannon responded with a string of his own disses including 'Pray For Him' and 'The Invitation'.

    Now, Cannon has posted a photograph him stood alongside Eminem's longtime friend and collaborator Royce Da 5'9".

    "@Royceda59 told me to pull up in Detroit! Say Less!" Cannon captioned the photo. "2 Brothers Building, Manifesting and Enlightening! This @cannonsclasstv is about to be Epic! #cannonsclass."

    View this post on Instagram @Royceda59 told me to pull up in Detroit! Say Less! 2 Brothers Building, Manifesting and Enlightening! This @cannonsclasstv is about to be Epic! #cannonsclass
    A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) on Oct 7, 2020 at 12:52pm PDT


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    Cris Cola - Entertainer of the Month


    Cris Cola - Entertainer of the Month

    Memphis, TN - Memphis native Cris Cola (born Christopher Reed Johnson) is only 23, but he's wiser than most middle aged men you'll meet. In an industry where rap and hip hop is saturated with anger, the young artist is determined to be a voice of clarity. Cola wrote his first rhyme when he was only 9 years old, and something inside him clicked; an artist was born. He filled pages and pages full of lyrics - purging his emotions and adolescence onto the paper. He explains, "Instead of losing my mind or snapping, I put all the anger I had towards certain family members, or friends that did me wrong, I just put it on paper." The artist didn't know then that what he was doing could one day be his true purpose. It would take many years, and a lot of maturing, before the budding star would be ready to turn his life long passion into a career. "If I'd had this mindset at 18," he muses, "I would've been successful already." Even though Cris Cola was later to the party, he's here to stay and make a name for himself. His music has a powerful quality to it, transcending race and age to start a conversation about personal and worldly things that weigh heavily on his mind and heart. Cris Cola writes about his personal perspective, but also speaks to cultural and societal issues as well. In a social climate rife with racial disparity and crime, Cola is dismayed - his community needs help, and is turning to all the wrong people and places looking for answers. Much of the music is angry, and perhaps rightfully so, but Cola suggests that his community needs to band together to create positive change and intelligent discussion. "We should, as a culture and as a people, come together. We need to have a better message within the music. There's a lot of stuff going on, but at the same time we're our own worst enemy."

    His single, "Going Insane," was recorded in the beginning of 2015 and it speaks to Cola's frustrating feelings about the world around him. Friends facing legal troubles and arrests, family issues, disloyalty and heartache led him to feel like he was "going insane" as the song suggests. His music is, as he calls it, "good riding music. You can play in the car and forget about everything else. It's reality. Some of the stuff I say, you might already be thinking about." Cris Cola is giving a voice to the unheard and is a refreshing departure from run- of-the-mill music. He's ready to be heard, and never willing to be put in a box.

    JT Productions - Records, LLC - Memphis, TN | (901) 219-4527
    © Starlight PR


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    Master Kie - Model of the Month


    Master Kie - Model of the Month

    Master Kie didn't always consider herself a "model", just a woman who took dope pictures for the sake of her brand as a producer. But as time went on, she didn't want to be a part of photoshoots soley based on amusement, but more based a MUSE MEANT for something special. Today, Kie has the confidence to not only run for Queen City Awards Producer of the Year, but also Model of the Year! 

    Follow here on IG @Unlock_her_sound


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    Rah Digga In Spartanburg SC


    Rah Digga In Spartanburg SC

    Come check out Rah Digga Oct 2 in Spartanburg, SC as she rocks the crowd at Midtown Lounge

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    BATON ROUGE, LA - YoungBoy Never Broke Again was arrested in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Monday night (September 28) along with 15 other people. WAFB-9 reports the chart-topping rapper is facing a number of drug, felony possession and stolen firearms charges.

    According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office website, YoungBoy (real name Kentrell Gaulden) was booked on Tuesday morning (September 29).

    Charges include possession of a schedule 1 drug (which can include LSD, marijuana, ecstasy or heroin), distribution/manufacturing of a schedule 2 drug (which can include prescription pain killers such as Vicodin or Oxycontin as well as cocaine or methamphetamine) and distribution/manufacturing of a schedule 4 drug (Xanax or other substances lower in abuse potential).

    Video of the scene shows police detaining YoungBoy during what appeared to be a video shoot. The 20-year-old artist allegedly had a gun on set and was ultimately taken into custody after a search. The other 15 people face similar charges.

    YoungBoy has had multiple run-ins with the law over the years. In May 2019, he was involved in a fatal shooting near Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. He was arrested following a court hearing after District Judge Bonnie Jackson ruled one of his social media posts involving the incident constituted a probation violation - despite the fact he was the target and not the triggerman.

    Then in April, YoungBoy was at the center of a violent altercation between Floyd Mayweather's daughter and the mother of his child.

    But 2020 has seen some incredible wins for YoungBoy as well. Earlier this month, he earned his another No. 1 Billboard 200 album with Top, his third in less than a year. AI YoungBoy 2 landed in the coveted spot in 2019 while 38 Baby 2 hit No. 1 in May.

    YoungBoy is still in custody and will be expected in court soon.


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    Dr. Dre is reportedly speaking out on his contentious divorce from Nicole Young, his wife of 24 years. According to TMZ, the storied producer calls Young's demand for $2 million a month in temporary spousal support "absurd," explaining he's still covering the majority of her financial needs.

    Legal docs state Young's attorneys have already made more money off of Dre in the last two months than most Los Angeles residents make in a year. Dre says he's "allowing" her to live in his $20-25 million Malibu mansion where his security brings Young meals prepared by private chefs three to five times a week. He also reportedly says his business manager pays Young's AmEx Centurion Black Card - and those bills range from $150,000 to $350,000 per month.

    Aside from what Dre describes as "unauthorized charges for [Young's] attorney fees, all of her other expenses have been shouldered by Dre who says, "This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers."

    Dre claims he's also offered to pay her lawyers another $350,000 through the end of the year even though she was accused of pilfering over $350,000 from Record One recording studio, a company she and Dre founded in 2015.

    Young filed for divorce in June citing "irreconcilable differences." In addition to the $2 million per month in temporary spousal support, she's also asking for $5 million to cover her legal fees.

    The fight over Dre's $1 billion fortune has grown increasingly ugly over the past several weeks. Although it was initially believed there was no prenuptial agreement, legal docs proved otherwise. But Young says the document should be invalid because Dre allegedly ripped it up one day as some form of romantic gesture.

    The couple married in May 1996 and have two adult children together, including Truly Young who recently ripped into 50 Cent and Xzibit for comments they made about her parents on social media.


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    DaBaby might be hearing his name called a lot on October 27. The Charlotte native leads all artists with 12 nominations at the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards, as the complete list was unveiled on Tuesday (September 29).

    The "Suge" rapper makes BET history as the first artist to earn two nominations for album of the year with KIRK and Blame It On Baby. He's double-nominated in an additional three categories. Roddy Ricch isn't too far behind with 11 nominations, while Drake and Megan Thee Stallion notched eight.

    With DaBaby winning best new artist honors in 2019, he looks to pass the torch to another burgeoning act on the rise. The late Pop Smoke posthumously earns a nomination in the category and he'll be competing against the likes of Rod Wave, Flo Milli, Jack Harlow, Mulatto and NLE Choppa.

    HipHopDX is also represented at the 15th annual awards show along with Complex, HotNewHipHop, The Breakfast Club, The Joe Budden Podcast, The Shade Room and XXL for Best Hip Hop Platform.

    Tune in to BET on October 27 at 9 p.m. ET to watch it all unfold. See the full list of nominations below.

    Hip Hop Artist of the Year




    Lil Baby

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Roddy Ricch

    Best Hip Hop video

    DaBaby, "Bop"

    DaBaby f. Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar"

    Drake, "Toosie Slide"

    Future f. Drake, "Life Is Good"

    Lil Baby, "The Bigger Picture"

    Roddy Ricch, "The Box"

    Song of the Year

    "Bop" (DaBaby) Produced by JetsonMade & Starboy

    "Life Is Good" (Future f. Drake) Produced by Ambezza, D. Hill & OZ

    "Rockstar" (DaBaby f. Roddy Ricch) Produced by SethinTheKitchen

    "Savage" (Remix) (Megan Thee Stallion f. Beyoncé) Produced by J. White Did It

    "The Box" (Roddy Ricch) Produced by 30 Roc & DatBoiSqueeze

    "Toosie Slide (Drake)" Produced by OZ

    Hip Hop Album of the Year

    DaBaby, Blame It On Baby

    DaBaby, Kirk

    Future, High Off Life

    Lil Baby, My Turn

    Megan Thee Stallion, Suga

    Roddy Ricch, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

    Best Collaboration

    DaBaby f. Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar"

    Future f. Drake, "Life Is Good"

    Jack Harlow feat. Tory Lanez, DaBaby & Lil Wayne, "Whats Poppin" (Remix)

    Megan Thee Stallion f. Beyoncé, "Savage" (Remix)

    Megan Thee Stallion f. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $Ign, "Hot Girl Summer"

    Mustard f. Roddy Ricch, "Ballin'"

    Best Duo or Group

    Chris Brown and Young Thug

    City Girls




    Run The Jewels

    Best New Hip Hop Artist

    Flo Milli

    Jack Harlow


    NLE Choppa

    Pop Smoke

    Rod Wave

    Best Live Performer

    Big Sean



    Megan Thee Stallion

    Roddy Ricch

    Travis Scott

    Lyricist of the Year

    Big Sean



    J. Cole

    Megan Thee Stallion


    Video Director of the Year

    Cactus Jack & White Trash Tyler

    Cole Bennett

    Colin Tilley

    Dave Meyers

    Director X

    Teyana "Spike Tee" Taylor

    DJ of the Year

    Chase B


    DJ Drama

    DJ Envy

    DJ Khaled


    Producer of the Year

    9th Wonder

    DJ Khaled



    Mike Will Made-It


    Hustler of the Year

    Cardi B

    DJ Khaled


    Megan Thee Stallion

    Rick Ross

    Travis Scott

    Best Hip Hop platform




    The Breakfast Club

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    The Shade Room


    Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse

    Beyoncé, "Savage" (Remix) (Megan Thee Stallion f. Beyoncé)

    Bia, "Best on Earth" (Russ f. Bia)

    Cardi B, "Writing on the Wall" (French Montana f. Post Malone, Cardi B & Rvssian)

    Future, "Roses" (Remix) (Saint Jhn f. Future)

    Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar" (DaBaby f. Roddy Ricch)

    Travis Scott, "Hot" (Remix) (Young Thug f. Gunna & Travis Scott)

    Impact Track

    Anderson .Paak & Jay Rock, "Lockdown"

    DaBaby f. Roddy Ricch, "Rockstar" (BLM Remix)

    J. Cole, "Snow on tha Bluff"

    Lil Baby, "The Bigger Picture"

    Rapsody f. PJ Morton, "Afeni"

    Wale f. Kelly Price, "Sue Me"

    Best International Flow

    Meryl (France)

    Kaaris (France)

    Nasty C (South Africa)

    Khaligraph Jones (Kenya)

    Stormzy (U.K.)

    Ms Banks (U.K.)

    Djonga (Brazil)


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    Count Nick Cannon among those who is supporting Kanye West's run for the White House.

    After he was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (August 7), Cannon told TMZ that the White House needed another Black man in, so he's voting for Ye.

    "I love it!" Cannon said of Ye's run. "Yeah. We need another black man in power,"

    When the cameraman pointed out that a vote for Ye is basically a vote for Donald Trump, Cannon told him, "You never know, man. Stranger things have happened in 2020."

    The former Wild N' Out host's support of Ye comes after Ye's home state of Illinois announced that his name will not appear on the November ballot as an Independent candidate. On Friday (August 7), the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that Ye had failed to acquire the number of valid signatures needed to qualify.

    The state board in Illinois reported that although West filed 3,128 signatures, 1,928 of those were deemed to be invalid. Ye has until August 21 to dispute the findings by the state board. Illinois became the second state on Friday to announce that Ye had not obtained the required number of signatures to appear on their ballot, following New Jersey's ruling that West did meet that state's requirements either.

    One of Ye's former close friends in John Legend isn't here for his antics and his run for the White House, pointing out that individuals closely tied to Donald Trump were aiding Ye to get put on ballots.

    "Just in case anyone needs some clarity around what's happening here," Legend wrote on Twitter. "Anyway.... Anyone reckless and/or misinformed enough to fall for the okey doke probably wasn't voting for Biden (or voting at all)."

    courtesy of Hiphopdx


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    Rick Ross debuted "Pinned To The Cross" during his Verzuz Instagram Live battle with 2 Chainz on Thursday (August 6) and many immediately gravitated towards Ross' venomous diss towards actor Terry Crews.

    "Terry Crews is another coon who was basically bought," Ross sneers on the track.

    Crews has made headlines in recent weeks for his stances on the Black Lives Matter Movement, saying it could lead to a state of "Black supremacy" and an attempt to reclaim the word "coon" by using the acronym Conquer Our Own Negativity. When a fan asked Crews about his thoughts on Ross' diss, the 51-year-old America's Got Talent host simply gave a one-word answer.

    When asked about going after Crews on "Pinned To The Cross," Ross didn't hold back.

    "When shit goes down, ain't no time to explain yourself. You're either running with us or running from us. That's what it's all about," Ross told Billboard. "It gotta be obvious. Him tiptoeing and moving the way he moves, I'm bringing it to light, and he can take it however he wanna take it, but I ain't fucking with him."

    Ross' isn't the first person in Hip Hop to send shots towards Crews. In July, Chance The Rapper mused gushed over his mentor Kanye West's presidential qualifications opposed to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. However, once Chance realized he was in a no-win situation, he began to back down from those sentiments. After he saw Crews' cosigning, he backpedaled even faster.

    Royce Da 5'9 also chimed in on Crews', calling him as well as current NBA analyst Charles Barkley and conservative commentator Candace Owens as "destructive" to society.

    "My idea of happiness is a happy white person," Royce said. "If I can somehow get to the level of a happy white person and carry myself in a way where I feel accepted by happy white people, then I achieved the American dream. That's why niggas like Charles Barkley and fucking Terry Crews, that's why these niggas act like that."

    courtesy of HipHopDX


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