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Lil Bra MOE
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Birthday:Mar 3
Short Desc:Ceo/Artist/Promoter
Description:My name is Shaun Ellison better known as Lil Bra born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. I am a independent rap artist, on the grind trying to make my dreams come true. My music has it's own unique sound, and i'm versatile with what I do. The music I put out it grabs your soul,so you don't have no choice but to feel it. I'm currently pushing Unleashed 1.5 its in the streets now.
I've been working about eight to nine years in the music business. In 2005/2006, I put out two demos in the streets before I came out with a mixtape. In 2008/2009 I put out my first Mixtape call Best Of The Best Vol.1, it was a classic. I started doing shows performing my hit single All I do is trap. From 2009 up until now I have six tapes in the streets. Best Of The Best Vol.1,Best Of The Best Vol.2, Mind State Of A Hustler, More Than Rap, Unleashed,and Unleashed 1.5. I have worked with Oj Da Juiceman,and Yung Ralph,and also performed with both artist on tour. I shot a video featuring Oj Da Juiceman to my single All I know is work, which has 53k views on youtube. Dj Plugg is a producer from Atlanta Ga, he produced Paper chase which I featured Yung Ralph on. I'm now pushing my new hit single called Wiz Khalifa produced by Taee Da Producer, and hosted by I Am Dj Shields.
I have been featured in about three Flyer Promo magazines, which is a Urban Hip Hop magazine throughout the region. I have ten videos that I shot on youtube, and two more that I was featured on. I stand out different from a lot of artist,by the way I record, the kind of music put out, and the way I plan out things. It's been a blessing to accomplish a lot of things in my life, I have to think the man above,and all of my supporters and fans. Staying down to get where you wan't to be plays a huge role in life, and that's something I'm seeing. To book me call 912 927-4223 or email us through, also to check out music sign up to my mailing list by putting in your email in on my website. I ha

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