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I Like It Like That Or Do I?


I Like It Like That Or Do I?

Food for Thought:

Anymore, humans are motivated by the mere acceptance of other humans. Human beings that are distorted in their judgment, not to mention whose balance is off in the 5 spheres of life, i.e. Physical, Metaphysical, Relationships, Resources and Career/Academics.

Rhetorically, How important is a "like" to you? Consider the things that go viral, its based off of 'likes'. Just a click of a button. So when you look at viral by definition, it reads to spread rapidly. In the health field, viral is bad. For example, How many likes does one get if they post...'I have AIDs'. If anything those that "like" are those that truly like honesty. In social media: viral is good. In most things that go viral, it is based off the number of 'likes'. One most know in business, marketing departments have people in place to make ghost accounts to promote a specific product or 'like' it. It's called Viral marketing.

OK, so most won't agree to believe in this department in a New York building full of employees putting these ghost accounts to use. So we must go on reality, which is 9 times of 10 the likes that you see are invalid and stem from people who feel compelled to click like because they see others have.

Especially when most people don't even know their own self well enough to know what they like in the first place.

Bottom line: Expecting LIKES from the regressed is like killing your own vibe while playing it in the background.

The moment you begin to seek validation from another, you officially sought out your own defeat.

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