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TH3 SLK, Born Desmon Bonaparte on February 29th 1988 was destined for greatness from birth. Showing a love for music in his early adolescence, TH3 SLK used to write poetry as a way of self expression ... Read More



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TH3 SLK & Tim Kitzrow Collab On New Song "Greek Freak"

TH3 SLK is trailblazing his way to the top of the rap scene with major appearances to his recent news of collaboration with Tim Kitzrow in a 2 fold effort. On one hand the collaboration could end up in the next NBA JAM game if it comes into fruition due to Tim's ties (voice in the game "Boomshakalaka"). On the other hand with its title, chorus and verses referencing The Greek Freak himself Giannis Antetokounmpo and his basketball prowess Sprinkled with Tim's energetic soundbites geniousely timed up, it could land up in the arena. Who knows where this track can go but it's a sure fire hit & TH3 SLK looks to be releasing it to his App & digital streaming services via his DonLyfe International Records LLC imprint. Look out for TH3 SLK's new sauce "Greek Freak" coming any day now =

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TH3 SLK Buzz Wall

We have curated all of TH3 SLK's buzz into an easy and fun to read Buzz wall. Stay up to date with the frenzy TH3 SLK has been causing and join in the action!! You could end up on the wall. Thank you supporters!! Sign up to our mailing list to get this blog emailed to you periodically so you can keep up to date with TH3 SLK and DLIR here:
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Shout out #Wutang and #RickyRozay Ladies Love TH3 SLK The beginning of something Major Bridging the Gap between the south and the east and the fans love it Fans showing support through repost of June 10th 2015 Overtime Concert Series presented by #MajorStage Shouts out to Troy Ave my #NY Bruva out chea winning!! Fucc all the hate, visit the bank!! Shouts out to DonLyfe International Records Social Media Team Leader DarkSyde for his continued hard work behind and in front of the scenes!! Troy Ave showing love for his #NY bruh on the gram. That's #Loyalty Shouts out to @Blackface_
Shouts to my #1 fan @ericamarshallz The beautiful Erica Marshalls my #1 fan!! @ericamarshallz got FL lit for my love!! We built this from the ground up!! ATL media!! Thanks for the love TH3 SLK #NY's hottest new #HipHop #Artist Father's Day gift to my pops. "I Made It" Instagram Buzz from @Darksyde417, social team leader at DonLyfe
Instagram buzz from @ericamarshallz my biggest supporter. See for yourself
Listen to G.O. A.T. - Ep by Th3 Slk on @AppleMusic.
A successful and viral week has TH3 SLK in #AudioBliss as he plays his #GOATEP on #AppleMusic. Keeping to the script of his plans to release an imotion picture, TH3 SLK fully immerses fans in a Documentary/Home Video style presentation of his 1st release #Nikita off of the project. Watch here!!
#WatchNow new #iMotionPicture by #TH3SLK entitled #Nikita
#NowPlaying #GOATEP on #YouTube
Official Vevo Channel for TH3 SLK should be live by July 15th & will feature the already viral official music video on YouTube for "Nikita"off the immensely viral G.O. A.T. EP
Subscribe to our FlipBoard Mag Now!! We will follow back!!
TH3 SLK releases new logo & offers free T's to bloggers who cover his music!! Send us an email to feature TH3 SLK on your blog & get your tee now He's Heating Up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 TH3 SLK's work is finally paying off!! This week has seen him in the epicenter of the hip hop community with spikes in followers and engagement online. This comes at perfect timing as TH3 SLK & his team are slated to be releasing his first major single soon!! It's already in the artwork & manufacturing stage so DJ's be on the lookout!!
Twitter to overseas they rep for TH3 SLK Insta love from the ladies TH3 SLK shows why he's not your average rapper. He interacts!! Support goes a long way and TH3 SLK is appreciative of everyone's support #Hood2Hood TH3 SLK rep ayybody                  Loyalty Buzz Wall                    
Artists or entities that appear in this section are not necessarily in Direct Affilitation with the DLIR or TH3 SLK brands. We support great music and this section is dedicated to just that!!
Support NY's own Troy Ave Support my bro Casino Redd. That's #Family 4real!! Check out his new video below!! Support Meek Mill. #NY to #Phila Support Lee Mazin, a true spitter and artist who is living by her co-sign!! "DreamChaser" Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don
Power 105.1
This was slated as one of the biggest events pitting a battle rapper against a mainstream rapper. What do you think of the battle & do you think Joe Budden will benefit from it or not?
#LeeMazin #FlexinFreestyle 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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A Week In The Media & Industry At DonLyfe For Media

**Note**Weekly curated newsletter intended for media and industry personnel only!!! Each post has a source link either under the picture caption or in the following post. Enjoy!!
Article: From Above Pictured
"TH3 SLK, On Top Of The Industry From The Bottom Of The Earth"
While some may fall victim to life changing situations, TH3 SLK adapts in a way uncanny to any human being the world has seen. These innate survival skills were instilled in him at an early age growing up in an abusive household with his grandmother, grandfather, and older sister. While on drinking binges he and his sister would often witness brutal physical attacks on their grandmother. Once even chasing an adolescent version of the man we know as TH3 SLK, through the house with a kitchen knife. "It was wild growing up. I seen it all. Funny thing is we were middle class. My father was above average in the pay scale. We lived on the North side of Mount Vernon NY. But as I always said, growing up in 400 summit ave, a knock at the door was safety. Company, even family was shown different. But yeah, he (my grandfather) was 6 something. I'm 5'7 arguably now. But he chased me into my uncles room with the knife and cornered me on the bed. When he bucked it, I jump manned over his head and ran to town barefoot. I was scared for my life but at a certain point I was tired of running," said TH3 SLK. As he speaks his eyes drape low in what would seduce any woman but deep inside lies pain, yet strength. Being locked up and kicked out and facing homelessness as well as growing up without his mother who was on drugs hardened TH3 SLK. With his homelessness came his triumph and his street savvy. He can sit in the room and talk for hours and you won't say a word. You'll be so engaged you'll want more. That's the intellect and infectious spirit of a man that embodies the rap prowess to bring the title back to NY and position himself as raps elite. Women can't help but be attracted to him like a magnet as was the case throughout his life. His opting for love is where he learned the mind body and soul of a woman. Now with a skyrocketing public appeal his stories of love, street life and his signature seductive LL image, ladies can't get enough of him. With his viral G.O.A.T. EP on Spotify as of yesterday and hitting other retailers, he is already working on his major debut album!! Still you can't tell his fame has reached an all time high. He stays quiet perched on the arm of his couch locked into engaging fans but comes alive when he interacts with human beings. Humble is an understatement. He walks through his hood in Haverstraw passing his 7 series BMW in which he glares over to the custom plates that read TH3 SLK, and smiles as if in that moment he realizes who he actually is. The next moment he opens the doors to his 1993 Toyota Camry with 228k miles, seats his kids securely in the back and then reaches for a Bluetooth speaker to play music off of. As you can imagine the radio doesn't function at all. But why would a man of his stature pass a fine piece of German engineering for a hoopty? This SLK is not far removed mentally from his past struggles and uses that as his motivation, not material things. It's the fabric of TH3 SLK that believes clothing or vehicles he once loathed over, are not as important as his ultimate vision. To be the greatest of all time and give the world something to believe in.....Genius!!
TH3 SLK returned home from Atlanta GA on Fathers Day after recording 4 tracks in 1 day for his major album release with his manager and legendary producer Hasan who has produced for the likes of Sugar Hill Gang to Cash Money. Be on the lookout for the duos work to manufacture a breakout release!! Source: TH3 SLK's week was just starting but full of exciting news. Read below "Thank you God.....All day I've been on the phone with producers telling me I'm the one and playing me back masterpieces we created. This album I swear is gunna change everything in the music industry and create a new standard. The fact that God has given me the ability to possess the talent to wow producers that's worked with artists that we call legendary and be in that same vein in one session is amazing. I'm in Awe. New single dropping real soon so get ya systems in the whip together cuz I'm blowing tweeters!! Radio here I come!! #TH3 SLK #NewMusic #NewAlbum #NewSingle #Legendary #ThankYou #Producers #Fans #Media #NY #ATL #Worldwide," wrote TH3 SLK via his Instagram account. Source:
DonLyfe International Records website received a revamped makeover this week launching this blog and others as well as a promo store for Artists to promote and or release their music under the label called DonLyfeA&R. This site serves boutique services to artists to allow more awareness of their projects on a major level Source: TH3 SLK's GOAT EP releases on his distribution site of OneRPM with more to follow!! Source: Fan Reaction to TH3 SLK's new release and character beyond music!! Source: Instagram Post TH3 SLK put up in support for fellow rapper Troy Ave after Troy received backlash for low sales!! The New York native TH3 SLK sounds off below in the caption #NY Rapper Troy Ave Appreciative of fellow #NY Rapper TH3 SLK sounding off. Source: "Right now it ain't all about my come up. It's about where you call home & loyalty. The homie @troyave only debuted with numbers like that because in hip hop we don't support each other. We root for the other persons downfall and don't help em when they down. I shouldn't say we cuz I never thought like that. I support even on my come up. Especially being from NY. And not only that, da homie got no skip music on here. You can listen to this straight through. Support and go copp that #MajorWithoutADeal" wrote TH3 SLK. Source:
TH3 SLK had fans engaging in the conversation about Troy Ave. Source: TH3 SLK appears to be uniting #NY and the world is taking notice. Source: Ladies love TH3 SLK. Or should we say, Th3 Shorties Love da Kidd!! Source: With the retail release of the G.O.A.T. EP, TH3 SLK is at work on a video for "400 Summit Ave" a cut off of the viral EP. As the release starts to become available on retail stores, we will be hosting a online video premiere to industry and media professionals only, before its release. Details will be outlined once we move to post production but as always we want to keep the media up to the minute!!
**Must Read**
Why major recording artists are behind the gun from the point of signature....The bare naked truth and what brought about the new music industry. Very interesting read courtesy of
Out Now!! New Music x TH3 SLK
Check Out The New Radio Station Playlist we launched including music by our own TH3 SLK and other major artists. We have curated a playlist we are sure you will ride the whole summer to, DonLyfe World Radio "The New Industry" Vol. 1 out now on DonLyfe International Records
Be sure to check out our artist promo services store to see how you can market your artists on our label and or release their next project with us and be featured on Vol. 2!!
Listen to G.O. A.T. - Ep by Th3 Slk on @AppleMusic.
Listening to #GOATEP on Apple Music after a week of viral numbers on both #Spotify & #AppleMusic and a brand new video for his song "Nikita" off #GOATEP that is already viral as well!! Watch video here!!
The Viral Music Video For "Nikita" by TH3 SLK will debut on his Official #Vevo Channel set to launch July 15th!!
New Atlanta Based Recording Studio Plans For TH3 SLK & His DonLyfe Empire
In the past week TH3 SLK has not only put his viral SoundCloud hit #GOATEP on #Spotify #AppleMusic & #Tidal (Once They Realise its already been weeks since its submission), Launched DLIRonlines first blogs, and released an already viral video to "Nikita" off of the viral #GOATEP now on YouTube and soon to launch with TH3 SLK's Vevo channel (let's catch our breathes for a moment).......But he's also been making partnerships that has him in a position as the hottest artist out & with his garnered success will be opening a studio in Atlanta, GA soon which will mark our first franchised recording studio. It is said to be a simple and intuitive solution for artists who are unfamiliar with recording, to the vets with state of the art computer based equipment creating a more open environment with less clutter. It's focus is on its price point which will make it affordable for artists to start or complete a project with pristine industry results. As part of DonLyfes push to reinvent the music industry, artists will also have our promotional packages at their disposal should they so choose to use them and take their recordings from the booth straight to the industry pros. The truth is the music industry is now a umbrella where the record labels were once one stop shops and have been phased out by their outsources who now offer their services to artists directly. We are a part of that cuff only we focus on individual promotion and not sales. Being run by an artist, DonLyfe has an unfair advantage in this field and looks to have as much longevity as TH3 SLK's music......Timeless & Forever
In this weeks development, TH3 SLK's fan base has grown enormously with fans from the U.S. to the UK following and interacting with TH3 SLK & his music via Twitter & Instagram. This comes at the perfect time for TH3 SLK & his team as they are set to release his first major industry single to DJ's & media
THE FUTURE OF DONLYFE With the thrust of energy garnered from online presence and interaction with fans TH3 SLK is now slated to release his first major league single to the masses. But what does that mean for DonLyfe? Is the company going to be left in the dust? Quite the contrary. With DonLyfe created by TH3 SLK, he was able to take his career from unsigned unknown to the next big thing. Most artists build parks & recreation centers as a way of giving back but TH3 SLK is upping the Anty. He has partnered with Eloi Ortega to form the new DonLyfe International Records. We will offer artists custom packages broken down for that artist individually and help them gain the same major support from their brand as TH3 SLK did. TH3 SLK will be hands on with the artists and label so never fear, DonLyfe is here to stay and we are going to change the music industry one artist at a time!!
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Features, Bookings, etc contact


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