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The BDS Company, legally known as BigBsBds, Inc. of Media and Multimedia Consulting is a new and growing network of talented individuals with aspirations of inspiring others to network, be creative, i... Read More


Gregg Whitlock Jr

I'm Blessed. Don't Sleep.

About The BDS Company, BigBsBds, Inc.



OUR GOAL is to be an honorable global media empire that can create business opportunities and media outlets for partners, friends, and family of our brand.

OUR PURPOSE is to provide the missing links necessary to fulfill any and all performance arts and entertainment tasks of allied businesses, organizations, and corporations. We aspire to inspire people of the world to network, be creative, innovative, and ideal citizens. Thanks to our daily growing network of contractors, along with our talented staff, we can and will provide consultation on event and/or business planning and media related tasks. We then provide the proper personnel to execute projects with intentions of exceeding satisfactory standards.

Simply Put... We offer consulting services for the Design, Entertainment, & Advertisement fields of media and multimedia services and then execute the most feasible and sufficient contract. No idea is too large with the proper funding to back it and The BDS Company is open to all corners of service. Let’s talk.

OUR NAME, BigBsBDS, Inc., as of August 9, 2013 is legally registered with the United States Government as a functioning servicing and consulting company. BigBsBDS, Inc. is also registered with Ariba, EVA, and SWAM. The name, â€Å"BigBsBDS”, today breaks down to two specific phrases, â€Å"Big B’s for BlaZeBDS. The Blessed Don’t Sleep...” and â€Å"Big Blessings. I’m Blessed. Don’t Sleep.” BigBsBDS, Inc. also operates as alias The BDS Company (The Blessed Don’t Sleep Company).

OUR ORIGINAL NAME,â€Å"BDS” was brought to our owner''s attention as a non-disclosed phrase in the Summer of 2004 in Maplewood, New Jersey on Cameron Practice Football Field by John Brown. John Brown''s phrase source is unknown. The name was later to be carried on through a group of young friends and brothers. A portion of that brotherhood took on traveling to gigs and competitions performing Hip-Hop dance (popping, locking, and more) choreography before live audiences, while others ventured into event planning, promotions, and more. Original BDS members and entrepreneurs consist of, Gregg â€Å"Papii” Whitlock, Jason â€Å"Mr.BDS” Brown, Ronnell â€Å"The General” Barton, Jamal â€Å"BabyFace” Mitchell, David â€Å"BlaZe” Coleman, Daniel â€Å"Cinsere” Greene, Amine â€Å"Debo” Hughes, Tony â€Å"Muffin Man” Ramsey, Eric â€Å"E-Boog” Phillips, and Quincy â€Å"Future” Whitlock. Members of the team associated themselves with the tagline â€Å"Big B’s” for various reasons.

CURRENTLY our headquarters is based in Virginia under the supervision of CEO, Gregg â€Å"Papii” W., a choreographer, entrepreneur, leader, public speaker, DJ, MC, and consultant of East Orange, New Jersey and former Graphic Design Major of Bloomfield College and Virginia State University.

PAPii''S VISION is that The BDS Company, BigBsBDS, Inc. will be an expanding marketing empire leading the ‘new school’ of urban to worldwide media. Exhibiting the performing arts (dancing, acting, singing, etc.) at the top most respected levels of ‘the industry’, The BDS Company will use fields such as radio, television, Broadway, the internet, cinema, and anything new to reach as many homes of the general public as possible. BigBsBDS, Inc. (Big Blessings I’m Blessed Don’t Sleep), also known as, The BDS Company (The Blessed Don''t Sleep Company) will use entertainment to instill consistent positive morals and hope to the children and young adults of the world.

Let’s talk.

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HIp-Hop Dance (#hiphopwithPapiiBDS)


Meet PapiiBDS (Born: NJ Reside: VA Age: 27 Sex: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 225lb.)

  • Lyrical Hip-Hop Choreographer
  • Performer (Hip-Hop Dancer)
  • Freestyle Popper and Locker

    PapiiBDS (a member of P.A.N.I.C. 2000) is a self-trained Popping and Locking based dancer with a style favored to waving, hitting, and animating. He is a continuously growing freestyle dancer, but strongest as a choreographer. He takes pride in teaching and helping others get an understanding and/or get the confidence in their dancing abilities. He also is well rounded in skill, adapts very quickly to movements, and takes the time to research various styles of Hip-Hop dance, new and old. With major goals of being a well-known Hip-Hop choreographer for major mainstream artist tours and videos as well as in the local communities, adding working with you may be exactly what his resume needs.

    Schedule (Summer 2015)

    Kids/Youth Workshops
    House of Diamonds (Richmond, VA) - Mondays and Fridays 6pm-7pm
    Stepping Out Dance Academy (Ettrick, VA) - Mondays 8pm-9pm
    House of Diamonds Summer Dance Camp (Richmond, VA) - Mondays-Fridays 8am-6pm

    Adult Workshops
    Still Got It Workshop (TBA) - Register Now.

    Private Hip-Hop Dance Workshops Available. Contact

    Dance Teams
    PapiiBDS teaches/coaches with a few dance teams. Visit to catch a glimpse of the teams.

    Below you can find just a few freestyle dance clips to hold you over until the choreography series begins. For plenty more videos, check out

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    Live Disc Jockey (Meet DJ BDS)



    Meet Supa Dj BDS ...

    DIRECT STREAM & DOWNLOAD OF MUSIC AND MIX-TAPES COMING SOON. Feel free to search for various links of the many available via and other search engines.


    Brief Bio:

    Supa Dj BDS is an energetic, exciting, motivated, and enthused individual. He takes pride in aiming to please all audiences and remaining diverse. He plans to use his enhanced mixing abilities, hosting enthusiasm/experience, intelligence, dance skills, business ethics, and enlightenment to climb the ladder of legendary Disk Jockeys.

    Supa Dj BDS has House Party, Urban and Suburban Club, Roller Skating, Concert, and Special Occasion experience dating back to 2002 and has been an established mix-tape DJ since 2009.

    Mixing, dropping, and scratching Old School and New School Hip-Hop, RnB, Jazz, Blues, House, Club, Pop, Rock, Top 40s, and more, Supa Dj BDS is open for special requests.

    Formerly known as Dj Jumpoff 2002
    International Fleet DJ Member 2009
    VA Takeova DJ Member (Host) 2010
    Star-Frame Music Group Executive Producer 2012
    Supa DJ Coalition Member 2013

    Supa Dj BDS mixes with Serato on newly acquired Numark CDX turn tables and currently rents sound equipment of all levels. Although based in Petersburg, Va, we are accepting bookings from all area codes with proper accommodations.


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