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FoMerlot Entertainment
Basic Information
Location:Washington, DC
Birthday:Oct 31
Short Desc:Media/Promo/Branding/Exposure
Description:"Do More Than Dream a Dream, Live It!" - Merlot Leonard

These words ring true to everything we do here at FoMerlot Entertainment. FoMerlot consists of five eager and willing adults who each have talents in the arts, business, and entertainment industries. I wouldn't hesitate to say we complete a package.

FoMerlot Entertainment was founded 6 years ago by Merlot Leonard. The vision at the time was to gather friends and family together just to catch up, laugh, and help each other emotionally. Soon, the vision switched gears into a powerful tool to promote or help others that were looking for a way to achieve their aspirations. To date, we have been privileged enough to promote , numerous artists, some of which have performed with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Pattie Labelle, and even performed for Barak Obama himself!

Although we have interviewed musicians, poets, artists, and entertainers up and coming, we have worked hard to have our brand stand out above the rest. Recently, we have discovered the power of true social networking and continue to attract more listeners to our online radio show and upcoming events we are hosting.

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