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Hip Hop Gives Back for

Hip Hop Gives Back for

Hip Hop Gives Back for

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Hip Hop Gives Back "The Home of Hip Hop's Humanitarians", highlights the positive aspects and deeds by members of the Hip Hop community. HHGB shines a light on the charitable organizations, programs,... Read More


Hip Hop Gives Back


Home of Hip Hop's Humanitarians

Black History Month Run


BHM Kids Run Part 1: "HONOR YOUR PAST" Hip Hop Gives Back was happy to be apart of the annual Black History Month run for the third year! Pre-registration is [...]

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/black-history-month-run

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Ja Rule, Ashanti & Friends #BahamasHurricane Relief Concert




 Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 at Arawak Cay Fyre Media, Fresh Entertainment Bahamas and BTC (Bahamas) presents Ja Rule and Friends #BahamasHurricane Relief Concert .

Tickets are on sale now at Airbrush Junkies in the mall at Marathon (Nassau, Bahamas). $30 General $60 VIP (No Comps | No Giveaways). Live coverage by AllHipHop.com

The host for the event is Caribbean radio personality and hostess Giselle The Wassi One

Chuck Creekmur of AllHipHop.com will be hosting the live broadcast.

All proceeds go toward relief efforts in the western settlements of Grand Bahama and Andros.

Can't make the Ja Rule and friends Bahamas Hurricane relief concert. That's okay! Visit

FreshEntBah.com and pledge your support for Hurricane Relief Efforts in Grand Bahama and

Andros. The project is sanctioned by NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency).

Make your pledge to support via FreshEntBah.com


#FyreHurricaneRelief #FreshAidweekend #HipHopGivesBack

#FyreHurricaneRelief #FreshAidweekend

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/ja-rule-ashanti-friends-benefit-concert-for-the-bahamas-1210

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MC Lyte's New Move in Hip-Hop


MC Lyte's New Move in Hip-Hop





MC Lyte, one of the first the female rap pioneers in Hip-Hop wants to take her love and experience for music to promote education.

The emcee's foundation, Hip-Hop Sisters Network has a platform that empowers young girls, and all young people by exposing them towards opportunities in education, the arts, and beyond. The charity component of the Hip-Hop Sisters Network, works towards providing annual scholarships to underprivileged children as they achieve higher education. MC Lyte believes in promoting positive images of youth by providing them with a space where they can work on building a positive future.

In addition to MC Lyte's educational efforts, she also served as a mentor on Oxygen's Sisterhood of Hip-Hop, and performed during the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

MC Lyte is using her platform towards and being the change she wants to see within our community. For more information about her organization please see the link below:

Hip Hop Sisters Network

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/mc-lytes-new-move-in-hip-hop

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Pusha T & John Forte Perform for #SchoolsNotPrisons Tour Stop at Calipatria State Prison





On Sunday September 18th 2016 history was made as Pusha T and John Forte performed for #SchoolsNotPrisons Tour stop at Calipatria State Prison.  #SchoolsNotPrisons is a free music and art tour that is partnering with California communities that have been impacted by the overuse of punishment and incarceration.

Defined as "School pushout" is what happens when students are deprived of the education and opportunities that all young people deserve.

Many factors contribute to pushout, including: the overuse of harsh school discipline like suspensions, inadequate funding for schools in underserved communities, the lack of counselors and health services in schools, and other supports that young people need to thrive.

Too often students of color do not have these positive supports, experience institutional bias, and are pushed out of school.

The tour began on August 6th and has dates scheduled thru October 28th, 2016.  Visit the website for upcoming tour dates and full list of artists giving back to such a worthy and needed intitiative.



via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/pusha-t-john-forte-perform-for-schoolsnotprisons-tour-stop-at-calipatria-state-prison

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Luda Itinerary
Luda Bowling

Ludacris and the Ludacris Foundation return with the 2016 installment of #LudaDayWeekend Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.  The weekends' series of charitable of philanthropic events to raise funds for the Ludacris Foundation is an annual event attended by the whose who in Music, Film, Sports, Entertainment and more!  Check the line up for the events and see where you can attend or contribute to assist the foundation with continuing their great work.

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/ludacris-and-the-ludacris-foundation-present-ludadayweekend16-to-atlanta

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Celeb Dread Feeds The Homeless at Hollywood Star Room
feeding the homeless fundraiser




On Sunday June 12th, 2016 Canadian Hip Hop artist Ceeb Dread partnered with the Hollywood Star Room for a special show and performance to bring awareness and provide meals to the homeless in Ripples, New Brunswick.  The weekend long drive was concluded with a special performance by Ceeb and the proceeds collected all weekend were donated to Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization of Canada.




At the conclusion of the weekend Ceeb provided a very personal recap of the festivities and explained why it was important for him to have and be apart of this event.. "well it was April something and I was sitting at my pc when I noticed a homeless person in a meme...it struck a chord with me and I felt a need to do something so I let my wants know and in about a week I had twenty one bands wanting to play for this cause I called feeding the homeless. It ran from June 10th to the 12th we managed to raise 360 dollars and some non perishables and it was awesome!"

SOURCE: http://www.makinitmag.com/updates/ceebdread/2016/07/once-homeless-rapper-holds-fundraiser-homeless

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/celeb-dread-feeds-the-homeless-at-hollywood-star-room

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Joy Jeanette






Joy Jeanette will be singing her freedom song "I'm Free" for prison inmates as a way of providing hope and inspiration.  The singer songwriter hopes to inspire the inmates by sharing her own story of being abused, fighting back, being incarcerated for fighting back and then learning how to find internal freedom through the process as she cleared her name this weekend at the Metro Transition Center for Women in Atlanta. Her journey and battle battle to continue to lead a productive life and never look back will hopefully serve as fuel people can use as they return to society!

Source: http://www.makinitmag.com/updates/joyjeanette/2016/05/joy-jeanette-share-her-story-prison-inmates-64#sthash.AqHHlWWH.dpuf

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/joy-jeanette-gives-back-bringing-joy-to-prison-inmates

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The Game Gives Back in Groceries


The Game Gives Back in Groceries

California rapper, The Game, has brought Christmas in July this year to deserving single mother of eight, Yvette Hicks. In light of recent acts of violence during this month, The Game has partnered with Partners in Kynd and Single Moms Club star, Zulay Henao, to create the positive campaign, "Yo Mama My Mama."

TMZ was able to catch up with the rap star, getting the details behind the campaign's name and the thought process that went into it.

"I figure with all this tragedy, and all the brothers killing each other, cops killing brothers, brothers killing cops, the one thing that people care about the most around the world is their mothers," he says. "So if we can pay it forward and make my mama your mama and you look at somebody, you're like, yo, man, you helped somebody's mom across the street. Or you ask her how her day is going or you just do anything for someone else's mother as if it was your own, the guy whose mother that is might not be inclined to do something to you based on your mother."

The Game took to Instagram to announce the motherly love contest where he provided his followers and the public a set of instructions on how to enter. The winner, Yvette Hicks, was named inaugural "Mother of the Day" and was rewarded for her hard work with $1,000 in groceries, enough to last her and her family an entire month.

As The Game documented his philanthropic efforts at Ralph's grocery store on Instagram, he stated within his last post, "In the midst of all the negativity & tragedy the world has witnessed over the past 10 days... I wake up on a mission to try to spread as much positivity as possible in hopes of shifting the negativity & creating a more peaceful vibe amongst us all,".

To enter your deserving mother in the next contest, follow The Game and Partners in Kynd on Instagram.

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/the-game-gives-back-in-groceries

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The Game and Snoop Dogg Unite In a Peaceful March to LAPD Headquarters

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 marked another sad day in America, especially within the black community. Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old father of five, was shot and killed during an altercation with Baton Rouge police in Louisiana. The senseless murder was graphically documented on camera by locals and was quickly shared online via social media. Less than 24 hours after the death of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile was shot and killed on Wednesday by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, where his girlfriend live streamed the tragic incident on Facebook. Following the deaths caused by police brutality within the past two days, many Black Lives Matter groups across the country took to the streets to peacefully protest on Thursday night. During Dallas' rally, shootings targeting police officers broke out, fatally killing five officers. Friday morning, California rapper, The Game, took to social media to announce operation H.U.N.T., a call to action in unification with Snoop Dogg for all men of color to come together through a peaceful march to inform the Californian government and it's law branches that "from today forward, we will be UNIFIED as minorities & we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us!!!". About 50 men joined both California native rappers in their walk to LAPD headquarters where a LAPD recruit graduation was taking place. After the graduation ceremony had ended, the police led marchers into the department's headquarters where The Game and Snoop were able to have a private meeting with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck and other top police officials. Garcetti described the 45-minute meeting as "extraordinarily powerful," where they had a conversation about the recent race crimes in America. The Game continued his efforts in Operation H.U.N.T by creating and selling H.U.N.T t-shirts to advance the awareness of his movement among communities outside of L.A. 100% of the proceeds from the t-shirts will go through his charity, TheRobinHoodProject, and will be donated to the city of Los Angeles' summer youth programs in keeping children active and off the streets.

To join The Game within his movement, visit www.calilifestyleshirts.com

To read more about TheRobinHoodProject, visit their Instagram @therobinhoodproject or TheRobinHoodProject on Facebook


via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/snoop-dogg-and-the-game-unite-in-a-peaceful-march-to-lapd-headquarters

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Vince Staples Funds Youth Program in Long Beach

For native "norfside" Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples, teaming up with the YMCA and local Long Beach, California officials to launch a youth program in his community is no surprise. One of the central themes within his latest album, Summertime 06, expresses the fatal consequences of the lack of opportunity for the impoverished youth. Vince announced the project alongside Councilman Rex Richardson within his home neighborhood of Ramona Park. Within the program entitled, Youth Institute, twenty local students from grades eighth and ninth will be able to learn various forms of art, including filmmaking, 3D printing, product design, music production, and graphic design. Staples conveys the importance for cities to develop relationships with the youth, creating environments for them to flourish.

"I think the most important thing is opportunities," Staples said. "What I can say is, living over here my entire life, I've never had an opportunity given to me from the area, only examples of how to mess up, and what I didn't want to do."

Long Beach Councilman Rex Richardson and Def Jam Recording Artist Vince Staples talk after they announce their support for and launch of the Youth Institute in North Long Beach

via: http://hiphopgivesback.com/vince-staples-funds-youth-program-in-long-beach

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