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Theo Dureau's the Iconic musical metropolis of New Orleans

Theo Dureau emerges from New Orleans' iconic music scene while blending the worlds of Classic R&B/Soul, Steppers, Adult Contemporary and Alternative Pop. Theo preserves and credits the integrity of his musical inspiration through his musical instrumentation, lyrics, production, vocal arrangements, and compositions.

Whats your name? Theo Dureau
Where are you from? I am born and raised in the Iconic musical metropolis of New Orleans

Why did you start making musik? Well I believe that music is an international language which has the ability to reach people from all walks of life and meet them wherever they are in life. I've felt that way since before I was old enough to fully understand it or even put it into words. But I knew I had to be a part of and perpetuate that culture

Who was your inspiration? Quincy jones, Stevie Wonder, Incognito and Seal.
Tell us what project you are currently working on? Genreless and Soul Major 7
Where your parents for or against it?  My parents have always been amongst my greatest fans. ALWAYS!!!How do you feel about Dj Campaigns? I think DJ campaigns are very important because right now, we're evolving into an era where there's just so much music out there, and the DJs Campaigns are sometimes the ONLY medium that can guarantee that your music will be presented to the masses. we need them! Especially a well-respected Dj 

Do you still have that same passion? YES, ALWAYS.

What's the name of your single? "You"

Do you have any rivals? No, I'd like to believe that I don't have any because we live in a vast universe and there's enough unchartered and unclaimed creativity out there for everyone to be totally unique 

Any videos out right now? They're in the works!

What is your favorite cd? Stevie Wonder Musiquarium

What is your favorite song? I have two: Stevie:"Do I Do" and Seal "Kiss From a Rose"

Do you like to do collaborations? Absolutely. There's nothing like the energy of two creative brains feeding off of one another

What is your favorite music magazine? Essence, hands down!

Did someone have to push you to make music? Never!!!

How do you feel about bootlegging? Bootlegging messes up the game for everyone. Music is an industry and should be treated as such. in the same way you can't bootleg Kellogs Corn Flakes, you have to go into a store and buy it. Music should be no different!

How can the fans reach you? 

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R&b Singer Denaron Releases Video For Single "Body" Featuring Brian Angel

 R&B singer Denaron has released the video for hot new single "Body" featuring R&B sensation Brian Angel. The single discusses the bliss one feels from a woman's body and all the imaginative things that runs through one's mind by the mere thought of their sillouette. Soon to be a part of a modern day "meeting in my bedroom" playlist, this single is one you to be a sure sizzling summer hit.

Produced by David E., "Body" has been circulating for a few months now so fans and critics alike are sure to be excited for the video. The new visual woos women by showing them both sides to their mate, a freaky side but also a side that compliments and shows respect towards women with sincerity. Whether you slow grind in the club or have a candlelight dinner to this song, it is sure to resonate with true R&B fans.

As a Houston native, Denaron has been singing and performing since the young age of 12 years old. Starting out in the church, he eventually moved to the R&B spectrum because of influences like Luther Vandross, Musiq Soulchild, David Ruffin, and Ronald Isley. He has written and provided background vocals for several Hip Hop artists. His singles has received much airplay from many Houston radio stations such as 90.9 FM and Party 104.9.

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Chester Green To Release "No Love for St. Patrick" (the Saint Patrick's Day song)" February 15th

Rappers Chester Green and Paleface are finally debuting their new single "No Love for St. Patrick" (the Saint Patrick's Day song)". This song brings a new perspective to Hip Hop by providing lighthearted lyrics and hilarious visuals. "No Love for St. Patrick" is just one facet of Chester Green's collaboration with longtime co-conspirator Paleface.

In 2013, Chester released his debut project entitled Loose Cannon. Produced by his own company Chester Green Music, it is quite evident Chester has an ear and talent for producing all types of music organically ranging from meaningful to humorous. Chester's ultimate goal is to "make [original] innovative music with a beat that keeps your head nodding". There is no doubt "No Love for St. Patrick" will do exactly that.

Chester Green is an artist, producer, and Hip Hop personality. He has performed on over 300 stages nationally and internationally from Orlando, Florida to Paris, France. His music company, Chester Green Music, has collaborated with many artists such as French Montana and Dipset's own Juelz Santana.

For more info on Chester Green or to keep up with his upcoming release dates and performances, check out his website,

For more of an instant connection, follow him on:


View "No Love for St. Patrick (the Saint Patrick's Day song)" video here:

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