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My name is Rashad Mitchell and I am a self-published author of 39 books. I am a Paterson New Jersey native. I graduated from Eastside High School in 1997. I graduated from St Peter's College in 2003. ... Read More

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Lorraine Hansberry:Broadway Pioneer


Lorraine Hansberry made her mark as a woman while she was on earth for a short time. She inspired Nina Simone to make a song called Young,Gifted, and Black which was an unfinished play. The title of the play was an inspiration.

Lorraine Hansberry was the black woman to write a play on Broadway. Her best known work was A Raisin In The Sun. The play highlights the lives of Black Americans living under racial segregation in Chicago. The play was a reality of what her family had to endure and struggle against segregation by challenging a restrictive covenant and eventually provoking Supreme Court case Hansberry vs Lee. The title of the play Raisin in The Sun came from a poem from Langston Hughes. Overall Lorraine Hansberry was a trailblazer of a woman who inspired others at such a young age because she died at the age of 34 of cancer

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Bucktown: Black Cinema Underrated Film


The So Called Blaxploitation era spreaded like wildfire during the early 70s and mid 70s. There were movies like Shaft and Superfly that represented the genre of black cinema. There was one movie that was underrated called Bucktown. The movie featured two of the marquee names of 70s black cinema:Fred Williamson and Pam Grier.

These two names headlined the movie which dealt with police brutality which is prevalent in today''s world. Fred Williamson played a character named Duke Johnson who comes to town to bury his brother who was killed as a bar owner after refusing to pay crooked cops for protection. After coming to Bucktown, Duke notices he needed some assistance so he calls a friend named Roy which was played by actor Thalmus Rasulala. He wanted Roy and his gang to come in and help so they decided to take over the town. But in order to gain control, Duke has to fight off Roy''s gang all by himself.

Bucktown features Carl Weathers who a year later would play boxer Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone. Bucktown was released on July 2nd 1975 and Arthur Marks directed the film. The budget for the movie was 370,000.

Overall Bucktown was a hidden gem of a movie that doesn''t get much acclaim like movies that came out in 1975 like Mahogany and Cooley High. Bucktown had all the ingredients of 70s black cinema such as sex, crooked cops, black gang, jjve talking, pimping, drugs, and kung-fu. Bucktown as a whole was able to manage and reconfigure the chronology and intensity of the ingredients that resulted in a refreshing intense action film.

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Claudette Colvin:Civil Rights Unsung Pioneer


Believe it or not, before Rosa Parks there was Claudette Colvin who became the first person to refuse and resist bus segregation on March 2nd 1955. The move was a precursor and preceded what Rosa Parks would do 9 months later. Most people assume that Rosa Parks was the first to not sit in the back of the bus but according to recorded civil rights history Claudette Colvin did it first.

For a long time, black leaders in Montgomery, Alabama did not publicize the pioneering efforts that Claudette displayed on March 2nd 1955. The reason because she was pregnant and unmarried as well as being a teenager. Given the social norms of the time, the youth of Colvin prevented the leaders who were concerned and worried about using her to represent the boycott.

Rosa Parks was a much older lady when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. She had a much dignified older image to represent the boycott in Montgomery, Alabama.But that should never diminished the accomplishments of Colvin because yes her name is rarely mentioned in the history books but I felt it was necessary to shed light on a person who did something different.

She deserves much credit as Rosa Parks for standing against bus segregation. In any walk of life people who do something first seldom gets the credit for their contributions. We must study our history in order to learn about what truly came before because we don't have to wait until Black History Month to know the history or research the history. The research should be done on a daily basis especially if you have a thirst for history

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