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Hood Gospels Rapper "Frost214" Releases " Dammit Man" Remix (Video)

Frost214 is a Hip Hop artist from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in Texas he was exposed to various musical ventures. From playing drums in Sunday services to his father being a musician and radio personality, he understood music could be versatile. He realized music expression has many forms and could reach countless people in diverse ways. His heaviest influence within music were legends such as Eminem, Pimp C, Tupac, Bone Thugs-N- Harmony and all of 1990's West Coast "Gangsta Rap" genre.Frost's inspiration for writing music come from real life experiences and expressing it in ways fans will be entertained. A way to describe his music would be "Hood Gospels"; where spiritual meets the streets. He uses this style to create self-reflective monologues in his music. His first released single in 2012 called "If I Die Tonight" focused on politics and religion.Currently Frost214 is working on the follow-up album to his 2012 single entitled Politics and Religion. Inspired by our nation's political fever this election year, this album release brings up highly controversial topics surrounding social and self-examining themes.

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New Orleans Band, The Black Venoms, New Single "Police Sounds 2016" Proven To Be Summer Banger

 Inspired by the current public rise in awareness of police brutality and systematic injustice, The Black Venom released their latest rising sensation "Police Sounds 2016".

With an old school flow and consciousness feel, "Police Sound 2016" is a modern day KRS-ONE's infamous song "Sound of the Police". Produced in Bedford Studio in Brooklyn, New York, "Police Sounds 2016" also incorporates original live band mixes to give it its own identity to the cause in action.

Residing in the birth place of Jazz, 5 elements joined forces to create The Black Venoms. This band is a music collective that appeals to the Hip Hop enthusiasts and the Rock & Live music lover.

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The Black Venom website:

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