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Hellz Yea!

Basic Information
Location:Brooklyn, New York
Birthday:Apr 10
Short Desc:Artist/Producer/Engineer
Description:When you think of Brooklyn NY, you think of where the people born there possess certain traits that give them the ability to rise above. Some of these traits are strength, cleverness, wit, creativity, character, self confidence and last but not least GREATNESS! This multi talented lyricist/producer named Hellz Yea! born Jamiyl Adams is no different from those who possess those traits. The lineage of Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, even Tupac among many others is proof that Greatness is Hellz Yea!'s birthright. At the impressionable age of 9, a young Hellz Yea! heard his first hip hop record "Sucker Emcees" by Run DMC. It was then when Hellz started to develop his love for the culture, expressed thru break dancing and mc'ing. "Hip hop is my way of living, it is my life, it is who I am", is one of Hellz Yea! Many passionate quotes about his first love. As a young MC, Hellz Yea! formerly known as Equinox or Knoxx, went thru many crews, groups and transitions. From battle MC, to positive rapper, to horror core (which came in went in a blink of an eye), Hellz was merely trying to find himself as many young black men from the "hood" try. Hellz first professional experience in the studio came by way of DR Period (producer for M.O.P., Smoothe da Hustler, AZ, Nas and others). "I was already an emcee, DR showed me how to be a recording artist"-Hellz. Hellz Yea! acknowledges his growth as an artist, is due to his experience of working with DR Period. He has been compared to some of the greats on the microphone. With a vocal presence of a Rakim, the wittiness of a Notorious Big, the ability to switch up flows and wordplay like a Jay-Z, Hellz is definitely on his way to legend status. Along his journey Hellz Yea! Found another passion, PRODUCTION! Influenced by Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Just Blaze, Berry Gordy....Hellz understands how important it is to know how to make a record. His sound is inspired by those same influences. From doing remixes for major artist(Chris Brown-Wall 2 Wall, David Banner-Speaker, Redman-Future Thugs, Avant-Bedroom Boom to name a few) to producing local artist as well as himself, Hellz is a monster! He has the potential to have his named mention with the likes of Dr. Dre, Kanye West and other who have succeeded at the artist/producer role. "I'm the combination of Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, I like to say I'm the Dre-Z of the game"-Hellz says joking, but seriously. With creating the production company Hellz Yea Productions, Hellz goal is to create the new Motown, or new Def Jam. By manufacturing quality artist! No record label should pass up on this fire ball of energy, talent, ambition, and determination in the form of Hellz Yea! He will not only be a smart investment but also a great asset to any labels roster!

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