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Birthday:Nov 3

You can look me in my eyes; see I am ready for whatever
Anything don't kill me, make me better
Come with all the gossip you can come with
Small thing to a giant, I can overcome this
"Motivation" by T.I.

What happens when an ordinary kid falling through the cracks of an ordinary school education into the streets of his neighborhood? What is the catalyst between surviving and overcoming against the odds or succumbing to the lure of the streets? Whether visiting youth detention centers, deejaying lunch periods in St. Louis City High Schools or rocking a party, Bishop V Luv, name Vernon Scott works to promote and encourage youth to make positive life choices. As the Chairman of the V Luv The Kids Foundation and President of Reach One Teach One, Inc., the Bishop has impacted hundreds of kid with his message of perseverance against adversity.

Bishop V Luv understands perseverance against adversity. He was a kid that fell through the cracks, struggling with overburdened, unsympathetic teachers and his own poor choices as a teenager. He identifies with the struggles that young people face everyday because he faced them before recognizing the importance of making positive life choices. He is the everyday man living an everyday struggle. He is from the people and of the people that he gives voice to through radio and public appearances.

Bishop V-Luv, Currently working at Better Family Life as a Youth Outreach & Mentor Specialist and Praise 99.5FM radio station. Former: Promotions Coordinator and Part-Time On-Air Personality for Clear Channel Radio (100.3The Beat and Majic 104.9FM), a Thro-Down DJ, a member of the Derrty DJs.Fleet DJs and owner of Thro-Down Entertainment, has spent the last four years using his name and reputation to make a difference in the lives of young people. Bishop V Luv is active in political and community affairs including the "Turn up the Mic, Turn up the Vote" voter registration campaign, abstinence rallies, blood drives and the "Reasons 2 Achieve Tag Team Tour", a tour of 20 elementary schools in the St. Louis Public School District. HE received THE 2008 DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. ENTERTAINMENT AWARD. He has hosted numerous events, showcases and fashion shows, in addition to having appeared in videos and magazine spreads. Vice President of the St.Louis Drifters Motorcycle Club.

Bishop V Luv is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, which is evident by his Midwest swagger. He is motivated and committed to awarding ordinary youth for extraordinary things. He is determined to catch those children that would fall through the cracks and help them to make life-affirming choices. Bishop V Luv is proof that one person can make a difference in the life of a child. He teaches each one that adversity is a small thing to a giant; they can overcome it.

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