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Candice Benavente
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Location:Crestview, FL
Birthday:Jan 25
Short Desc:This blog is a platform for all voices to be HEARD about the violence in our society and more...
Description:The h2Our Family United is a family of survivors all around the nation. Different races, genders, creeds, religions together under one cause one movement for the greater good of mankind. Helping thy neighbor, with understanding, compassion, and care. we are on a mission for a better tomorrow for our youth and many more to follow. The ones stepping outside the box, doing things unconventional to make a noise so loud with our VOICES united as one.

Under the power of music .. Not five separate divided unities but as one together, a whole MUSIC the voice of the H2OUR F.A.M.I.L.Y UNITED LLC ..

And the start of how we impact and empower others lives. One step, one person, one community, one state, one country at a time.

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