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Home FUJI Elevator current mainstream products are two types of structure, hydraulic elevators without machine room and no room Dray elevator. Users in the use of functions can be selected and hand semi-automatic doors and automatic door with the car door. Compared with traction elevator hydraulic elevator, the need for greater traction elevator hoistway or derrick footprint and higher top space and pit depth.

Whether traction elevator door automatic or semi-automatic hand hydraulic elevator doors, can be done to maximize the use of the area of ??the car in the smallest space. Traction elevators and hydraulic elevator hoistway can be civil or fabricated aluminum mast provided by us to replace the shaft, on-site installation, commissioning, once the completion of delivery. Derrick made of high strength aluminum alloy, the multiple sets of special mold manufacturing process, has a flexible on-site assembly advantages. Using our assembly mast, completely eliminates the cost of civil users, and can be decorated with a scene better integration of environment.

Household liquid formula elevator Features

1, smooth, comfortable ride.

Elevator power systems and fuel tanks as a core component composed entirely of imported products, has excellent stability when running, can lift hotel generally comparable to passenger use. Advanced hydraulic system to achieve automatic continuously variable transmission, vary with the size of the load pressure, so that the speed curve changes when the elevator is running smoothly, so it has a good sense of comfort when traveling.

2, security, and high reliability

Not only equipped with a hydraulic lift ordinary traction elevator with safety device also has a manual emergency lowering valve when power failure, emergency allows the car down to the nearest floor location convenient to open the door manually, the safety of the passengers out of the car car. In addition, the hand pump but also in the case of system failure, manual manipulation of the high pressure oil pump shot the car up to the nearest floor.

Hose rupture valve: When the hydraulic system piping rupture, the car stall decline 1.3 times higher than the rated speed, it can automatically cut off the oil, to stop the car continued to decline;

Overload device: when the car is overloaded, the overload signal is issued, overloading the car stops running;

Oil temperature protection: When the oil temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius in the tank, oil temperature protection device sends a signal to stop using the elevator when the elevator started before the oil decline.

3, low noise, more suitable for home use

The hydraulic system uses low-noise screw pump, and the pump motor is designed submersible structure, constitute a whole pumping station, greatly reducing noise.

4, villa elevators size advantage

Products with the miniaturization of the ground in the car ride to maximize the area of ??design advantages.

Traction home elevators equipped with imported high-quality gearless machine and advanced inverter control, to reduce noise and energy on has a very good performance. This uses the same Traction home elevators without machine room design, only 300 (mm) depth of the pit. Specific technical parameters and configuration is as follows:

1, Load: 320 (kg).

2, Speed: 0.4 (m / s).

3, shaft size: 1500x1500 (mm).

4, the car (subsection * D * H): 950x1100x2100 (mm).

5, pit depth: 300 (mm).

6, the top height: 2600 (mm).

7, the control mode: microcomputer, frequency control.

8, open the door: automatic doors (car door, landing door).

9, power supply: 220 (v) or 380 (v) -1.1 (kw).
Home Lift Basic Configuration

1, the car door: Spellweave stainless steel plate. (Carved doors, bi-fold doors)

2, landing door: Spellweave stainless steel plate. (Carved doors, bi-fold doors)

3, Car Wall: Hairline stainless steel plate method.

4. Ceiling: Stainless steel + translucent light panels + LED lights.

5, the car floor: PVC imitation marble floor.

6, handrails: mirror stainless steel.

7, car mirror: mirror stainless steel, half-height / full width.

8, the control panel: Spellweave stainless steel plate.

9, emergency rescue equipment: Yes.

10, car exhaust fan: Yes.
Liquid formula to compare and choose the elevator and the elevator traction

About Select Install hydraulic home elevators or Traction home elevators, this problem has plagued the users choice. This is because the open environment of the Internet, one can often see such comments, production and marketing businesses will say traction elevator hydraulic elevator oil spills easy, slow, high maintenance costs, and have been eliminated at the edge, and so on. The production and sales of hydraulic elevator business would say, Dray elevators noise, ride comfort is poor, not to be optimistic, and so on. In fact, all these allegations are specious, unfair point of view.

Here we must be objective and fair to make some constructive suggestions and opinions are preparing to install a home elevator users, lifting the user's trouble out biased errors. Eventually allow users to make the right choice without regret.

First need to be sure, whether hydraulic or traction elevator lift home elevators today are two different areas of structural types of mature technology, suitable for home installation of Home Lift. The need to draw the user's attention is referred to herein refers only traction elevator with gearless machine powered elevator, rather than scaled-down version pantry ladder resembles an enlarged version and commercial elevators home elevator. Such elevators are used in order to gear traction machine powered belongs to mature technology products, when installed in the uncertain environment of space

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Can Elevator Maintenance Prevent Elevator Accidents


For example, Elevator Manufacturer at stations must be designed to cater for the peak traffic flow discharged from a train, without causing excessive bunching at the escalator entrance.In this regard, escalators help in controlling the flow of people. For example, an escalator to an exit effectively discourages most people from using it as an entrance, and may reduce security concerns.Similarly, escalators often are used as the exit from airport security checkpoints. Such an egress point would still generally be staffed to prevent its use as an entrance during times of light pedestrian traffic.It is preferred that staircases be located adjacent to the escalator if the escalator is the primary means of transport between floors.It may also be necessary to provide an elevator lift near the escalator for wheelchairs and disabled people. Finally, consideration should be given to the aesthetics of the Escalator Factory.Can Elevator Maintenance Prevent Elevator AccidentsMost modern elevators are built to be safe, durable and comfortable. However, it is the responsibility of the building owner or facilities maintenance technician to see to that the system functions smoothly and is maintained properly.Failure to do so can lead to accidents, non-compliance issues and even serious legal issues. If the elevators are improperly maintained, the owners can be subject to elevator accident liability.

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