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Hung Jury Entertainment Ceo/Artist/Songwriter/Producer Mann E Styles is a very sharp businessman. Biofeedback Films, and Biofeedback Records are sub divisions under the Hung Jury Entertainment Umbrell... Read More


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  • Posted by Kareem Williams on May 19, 2016 at 7:58pm
  •    DMV ar'st Mann E Styles is a jack of all trades. From a very young
    age, the emerging emcee has always had a passion for the music
    and entertainment business. Mann E Styles founded Hung Jury
    Entertainment in 1998, and released two­compila'on aIbum's that
    included hard­hiJng street anthems from his imprint. In the early
    2000's, Mann E Styles collaborated with the ar'st Diablo and was
    featured on the single "Exit".In 2005, Mann E decided to further his entrepreneurial endeavors
    and advance his stake in the music business. He then started the
    recording house, Biofeedback Records, a subsidiary of Hung Jury
    Entertainment where resident producers CBEATs and JLAB handle
    in house recording, produc'on and engineering.In 2010, tragedy struck. Mann E Styles was shot close range in the
    chest. An occurrence that would change his life forever. AWer
    being shot, music became therapeu'c. "It was a means to healing
    and the birth of my own career." Mann E spent most of his recovery 'me wri'ng music and
    recording. Mann E Styles also  owns Biofeedback films. His latest masterpiece is a produc'on for
    his single "Pay A[en'on", where he plays a deranged lyricist.Spending some 'me in prison gave Mann E the revela'on and
    drive to take his career into his own hands. In his own words "I did
    some bad things, nobody's perfect. I for sure did a hell of a lot
    more good than bad in my life. Only God can judge me."
    Mann E is currently working on his debut EP that is due out in
    2015. His new single "Free Throw" was produced by legendary producer Duane Da Rock.

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    Mann E Styles Immature (Review!)


    The first time I listed to "Immature" by Mann E Styles I half way through my morning run and the song began in my headphones. Soon as the beat dropped I know my pace picked up. I was instantly hyped while listening to "Immature." The first thing I noticed was the great beat selection. Shout out to the producer. Lyrically Mann E Styles stepped up to the place in this song. No wasted bars, perfect hook, textbook single. Immature has all of the makings of a HIT. By the second time the chorus comes around I guarantee you will be singing along. Since that first time listening to "Immature" I have added it to all of my hype playlists and shared it all over social media. I truly believe that this is radio ready track. I like what I'm hearing fro Mann E Styles and interesting to see what his next move will be.Bio:
    Mann E Styles is not just an artist he is also a Ceo of Hung Jury Entertainment which also does business as Biofeedbackfilms and Biofeedback Records. Started in 1998 this grind has never stopped. His story should be on the big screen after numerous of local artists signed to the label, the shooting death of his prize Mc " VEGO Aka Dutch Kennedy " R I P, and several years in Federal Prison. Mann E Styles still keeps his head up after being shot close range in the chest Palm Sunday 2010 he still stays on his grind. He released Pay Attention produced by BaltimoreCbeats , Free Throw produced by Duane Darock, and now with the help of Phenom from Kansas City , and Tiddy Da Great from Baltimore Mann E Styles drops this hot new single called "Immature" produced by Younggsavbeats a controversial banger. Look forward to more from Mann E Styles and his Hung Jury Entertainment brand.Instagram: @mannestyles_
    Twitter: @hungjuryent

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