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The Promo Vatican is made up of Industry Titans, Taste Makers, Djs, producers, Artist, Promotional Teams and Entertainment Professionals. The Goal is to help new upcoming and established artist a plat... Read More


The Promo Vatican

The Promo Vatican

Mack Ben Widdit | "WIN" | Music Video

Mack Ben Widdit | "WIN" | Music Video
win thumb

Mack Ben Widdit | "WIN" | Music VideoWatch NowMack Ben Widdit | "WIN" [Video]Artist: Mack Ben WidditSong: WINBPM: 140Genre: Hip-HopMood: Confiden

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Exclusive DJ Feedback Request for Bobby Jean's "Dreamin (feat. Tokyo Vanity)" + Soundcloud Preview!
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Exclusive DJ Feedback Request for Bobby Jean's "Dreamin (feat. Tokyo Vanity)" + Soundcloud Preview!Listen NowNew Release Alert: Bobby Jean - "Dreamin" (feat. Tokyo Vanity)Blessings,We're excited to announce the release of Bobby Jean's latest track, "Dreamin," featuring Tokyo Vanity! This mesmerizing rap journey will take you on a captivating adventure through indulgence, fame, and a lavish lifestyle. Get ready to be immersed in hypnotic beats, confident verses, and a euphoric atmosphere.Early Listen: Be the first to experience "Dreamin"! Listen now on Soundcloud and let the dream take over your senses.DJ Feedback: Your opinion matters! We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this track. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and insights via our DJ Feedback Form. Your support means the world to us!Official Audio Video: Watch the mesmerizing visuals of "Dreamin" on YouTube and dive deeper into the dreamy ambiance created by Bobby Jean and Tokyo Vanity.Don't miss out on this unforgettable rap experience. Stay connected with Bobby Jean on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for all the latest updates.Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate having you on this exciting musical journey!Warm regards,
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Mack Ben Widdit "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1"
Small Dirty Mack Front

Mack Ben Widdit "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1"Listen NowMack Ben Widdit | "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1"Artist: Mack Ben WidditSong: From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1BPM: VariesGenre: Hip-HopMood: ConfidentEmotion: DefiantLabel: Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE)Hometown: Richmond, VASocials: "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1" by Mack Ben Widdit, a highly anticipated album showcasing his raw talent and authentic storytelling. Representing Don't Fold Entertainment, Mack Ben Widdit takes listeners through the streets and experiences that have shaped him.This album features hard-hitting tracks, introspective lyrics, and infectious beats that capture the essence of urban life. From the gritty energy of "Trapping High Speed" to the reflective tone of "Oh Why," Mack Ben Widdit's captivating flow and lyrical prowess shine throughout.With his confident swagger and unapologetic pursuit of success, Mack Ben Widdit delivers tracks like "Matching Dior" that exude charisma and style. "Win" celebrates his victories and hard-earned accomplishments by closing the album triumphantly."Mack Ben Widdit - From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1" is a must-listen for fans of raw and unfiltered urban music. Prepare to be immersed in the world of Mack Ben Widdit as he shares his personal stories and experiences through his captivating lyrics and dynamic performances.Contact: Tweezy at or (804) 245-3341 for inquiries and bookings.Mack Ben Widdit's Music and Updates:

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Exclusive DJ Feedback Request for Bobby Jean's "Dope Money" + Soundcloud Preview!
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Exclusive DJ Feedback Request for Bobby Jean's "Dope Money" + Soundcloud Preview!Listen NowExclusive DJ Feedback RequestDear DJs, Tastemakers, and Influencers,We are thrilled to present the latest release from Bobby Jean, the rising star in the rap scene. Her latest single, "Dope Money," is a powerful track that portrays the raw realities of street life.Your opinion matters to us, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on this track. Your insights and expertise are invaluable in shaping the success of Bobby Jean's music. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback through the DJ Feedback form. We value your support!But that's not all! As a special treat for our esteemed DJs, we have an early preview of "Dope Money" available on Soundcloud. Get ready to experience Bobby Jean's intense lyrics, pulsating beats, and fearless delivery. Don't miss out on this exclusive preview!We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to share the DJ Feedback form link with other DJs who might be interested in providing their input.Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Bobby Jean and Clockworkk Records.Best regards,
Direct Download: |
ALL Platforms Link: |
Soundcloud Link: |
Audiomack Link: No

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Exclusive Premiere: Avarin's Sensational Track "Come A Little Closer"

Exclusive Premiere: Avarin's Sensational Track "Come A Little Closer"Listen Here

Exclusive Premiere: Avarin's Sensational Track "Come A Little Closer"Hello DJs, Tastemakers, Curators, and Influencers,We hope this email finds you well and filled with excitement for discovering remarkable music. Today, we are thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity for you to be among the first to experience Avarin's highly anticipated new release, "Come A Little Closer."Artist: AvarinTrack: Come A Little CloserBPM: 110Producer: Aditya Prasad, Britton CameronLabel: Avarin MusicHometown: Mumbai, IndiaMood: Seductive, Alluring, IntriguingEmotion: Uncertainty, Temptation, LongingGenre: PopDescription:Experience the magnetic allure of Avarin's latest hit, "Come A Little Closer." With its enchanting lyrics and irresistible beats, this track will captivate your senses and leave you craving more. Avarin's soulful voice effortlessly carries the tale of temptation and desire as he navigates the complex world of love and lust. The vivid imagery of a mysterious beauty in a red dress and long black hair invites you into a realm where reality blurs with fiction

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Omiko: Atlanta's Rising Star Blending Alternative Pop and Hip-Hop

Omiko: Atlanta's Rising Star Blending Alternative Pop and Hip-HopDiscover Omiko, an Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer who is making waves with his genre-blending music. From his early influences to his Nigerian roots, explore how Omiko's debut EP, including the captivating track "Head In The Clouds," showcases his talent and unique artistic vision.The Musical Roots and Inspirations of OmikoOmiko's passion for music ignited at the tender age of 8. Inspired by the R&B and Pop sounds of the early 2000s, he started crafting his own melodies and lyrics. Growing up in a family with two generations of Music PhD holders, Omiko was immersed in a musical environment that nurtured his creativity.Embracing Nigerian Roots and Cultural InfluencesOmiko proudly embraces his Nigerian heritage, infusing an alternative approach to Afrobeat music. Representing Naija (Nigeria) and his beloved city of Lagos, his music reflects the vibrant and diverse culture that shaped his upbringing.Debut EP: "Omiko" - Showcasing Artistic Range and Lyrical ProwessOmiko recently released his highly anticipated debut EP, aptly titled "Omiko." This project serves as a testament to his versatility and artistry. The EP encapsulates his intricate up-tempo rap flows, melodic prowess, and a touch of Nigerian culture.One standout track from the EP is "Head In The Clouds". With its mesmerizing blend of captivating instrumentals and Omiko's dynamic vocal delivery, the song takes listeners on a compelling sonic journey. Through introspective lyrics and infectious energy, "Head In The Clouds" showcases Omiko's ability to create a truly immersive musical experience.

Connect with OmikoFollow Omiko on social media:?Instagram?TwitterListen to "Head In The Clouds" on Songwhip.Listen HereContact: Omiko @

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John Willam Flautist x ScottyATL x DJ Burn One - "CHO CHO CHI CHI HUNDREDS" *DJ Service Pack*

John Willam Flautist x ScottyATL x DJ Burn One - "CHO CHO CHI CHI HUNDREDS" *DJ Service Pack*Listen HereCho Cho Chi Chi Hundreds: A Captivating Collaboration by John Willam Flautist, ScottyATL, and DJ Burn OneWelcome to the rhythmic world of John Willam Flautist, where music transcends boundaries and captivates listeners with its vibrant energy. In his latest release, "Cho Cho Chi Chi Hundreds," John Willam Flautist teams up with talented artist ScottyATL and renowned producer DJ Burn One to deliver an extraordinary musical experience. This email highlights the infectious beats, memorable lyrics, and the profound talent behind its creation.Track Details:?Artist(s): John Willam Flautist x ScottyATL x DJ Burn One?Song: Cho Cho Chi Chi Hundreds?Versions: DJ Service Pack?Producers: DJ Burn One and @tfpbATL?Label: John William, Flautist LLC?Contact: LightHouse Management -

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Real Recognize Rio | "Hit Da Switch" | Music Service
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Real Recognize Rio | "Hit Da Switch" | Music ServiceDj DownloadReal Recognize Rio's "Hit Da Switch" Newsletter: Exclusive DJ Feedback Form and Pre-Save Link!Hello Real Recognize Rio Fans,We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates and exclusive content in this edition of the Real Recognize Rio Newsletter. Get ready to dive into the electrifying world of Zone 6 with the street anthem "Hit Da Switch"!

1. DJ Feedback FormCalling all DJs and music enthusiasts! Your opinion matters, and we want to hear from you. We've created a special DJ Feedback Form for you to share your thoughts on "Hit Da Switch." Your feedback will help us understand how the track resonates with you and how we can continue delivering the best music experience. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of shaping Real Recognize Rio's future releases! Fill out the DJ Feedback Form now.2. Pre-Save "Hit Da Switch"Be the first to experience Real Recognize Rio's upcoming release, "Hit Da Switch." We've got an exclusive pre-save link just for our loyal newsletter subscribers. By pre-saving the track, you'll have it ready and waiting in your library as soon as it drops. Get ready to immerse yourself in the aggressive and triumphant energy of Zone 6. Pre-save "Hit Da Switch" now.3. Newsletter ExclusivesAs a valued subscriber, you'll receive exciting exclusives and behind-the-scenes content straight from Real Recognize Rio. Stay updated with the latest news, releases, and upcoming events. We've got some surprises in store that you won't want to miss!4. Connect with Real Recognize RioFollow Real Recognize Rio on social media to stay connected and be the first to know about new releases, exclusive content, and more. Join the Zone 6 community and engage with fellow fans who appreciate Rio's gritty storytelling and intense production.?Twitter: Twitter Link?Instagram: Instagram Link?Facebook: Facebook LinkRemember to share your experiences with "Hit Da Switch" using the official hashtags #HitDaSwitch and #Zone6. Let's spread the word and bring the raw energy of Real Recogni

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Nina Chanel - "Nina Blanco" (feat. Ray The Great) [Official Video]
Nina Blacno Thumb

Nina Chanel - "Nina Blanco" (feat. Ray The Great) [Official Video]Dj Service Pack

Artist: Nina Chanel
Track: Nina Blanco (feat Ray The Great)
BPM: 135
Producer: The Union Music Group
Label: Firehouse Productions
Hometown: Birmingham, AL.
Mood: Aggressive, Energetic, Confident
Emotion: Energizing, Accomplished,
Genre: Rap/HipHop
FireHouse Productions is proud to present the collaborative single, "Nina Chanel - Nina Blanco," from Birmingham-based rapper Nina Chanel, featuring Ray The Great. This song will get you off your feet with its hard-hitting beats and hooks! Firehouse Productions brings out the best in Nina Chanel's signature sound and flow through their contagious loop and bassline. Her powerful statement, "I'm The One, Never The Two!" is an undeniable truth that resonates with us all. "Ray The Great's" words are powerful and inspiring; he promises to continuously show his opponents who is boss by adding, "I vow that I'll keep a foot on the neck and stunt on they ass with a hulk hogan flex." Bennie Hurst (205)283-7778 | |

Click Here to Stream via Itunes
Connect w/ Nina Chanel:
Instagram: iamninachanel
Facebook: Nina Chanel
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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Success at The Cheat Code LIVE!
cheatcode copy

Early Registration Tickets | For Sale NOW!Get your tickets hereUnleash Your Entrepreneurial Success at The Cheat Code LIVE! Join Us Now!Greetings #Coderz and Newsletter Signees!We're thrilled to announce an exclusive, live episode of The Cheat Code Podcast: The Cheat Code LIVE! If you're ready to unleash your entrepreneurial success, this event is a must-attend. Our expert hosts, Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, and Rapjuggernaut, will reveal the secrets to conquering the music business world while providing essential steps towards success.Event Highlights:?Gain insights on creating compelling profiles, developing winning business strategies, and launching unbeatable products.?Engage in an open conversation during a fireside-style chat where our hosts fearlessly tackle your burning questions.?Limited-space event, ensuring an exclusive opportunity to interact with the hosts.Event Details:Date: Saturday, July 8th, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (EST)Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey towards achievement. Are you ready to be one of the few who blaze a path to triumph? Reserve your spot now!Venue Location:Roam Lennox is located on the top level of the parking deck at Lenox Marketplace (Target + L.A. Fitness), across from Phipps Plaza. Ample safe and secure parking is available on the top floor of the parking deck.Sponsorship Opportunities:Interested in sponsoring this event? We offer various sponsorship packages at different tiers. For more information, please email with the subject line "LIVE Event Sponsorship Inquiry." Serious inquiries only, please.Recording of the Event:By attending, you acknowledge and agree that the event will be recorded and broadcasted later. Your presence may be captured in episodes and promotional materials. The Cheat Code LLC is granted permission to use any recorded images, audio, and video as they deem appropriate.Q&A Session Details

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