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New music is up: Detroit''s Payroll Giovanni "Payface" album, East Chicago Indiana''s Kaz A.Nova "Lavish Life" single, Gary Indiana''s Bout Dat Issue "Forget Bout It" single, Louisville''s Dj Slikk "W.O.R.K." Hosted By Nappy Roots, StLouis'' Aye Verb presents InDominus THOTs "Roll Yo Eyes", & Chicago''s Chanelle Truvillion "Midnight Hour".......we also have a new Facebook page : 

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Checkout and order some of the best Midwest rap from Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis, St.Louis, Cincinnati & more 

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TO PROVE A POINT.Saint Orleans; that's an interesting stage name.....can we get a background on the name?I actually recently switch my name to Saint Oeaux. Still the same meaning behind it just wanted to go a little simpler. The meaning basically is always remember where you from (New Orleans in my case) but still understanding that where you are at or have lived for a long time plays a key role and is as just important which Saint Louis is to me. So I combined both cities names. Oeaux which is said O, is a french way of spelling words like you'll see Saints fans hold up signs
that say Geaux Saints. I felt like a lot of artist come from a similar situation like Kanye was born in ATL but grew up in Chicago.What made you want to pick up the mic?A lot of factors. My brother was signed to a independent label when I was a kid. That played a big role in my decision. Also, my Uncle is Guitar Slim Jr. He grammy nominated for his album. He didnt win it so I felt like I need to bring that home. When I moved to Saint Louis in middle school school, my way of coping with being depressed from being home sick was the Hotboys. They made me feel like I was back home. And they run actually started as soon as I got here. Thats the movement that made me start rapping even though I recorded my first song at 9 years old.A couple years ago you had a huge smash hit in the Midwest region with "We Don't Luv'em".....tell us a little about the record and what markets you touched with it?I went a lot of places with that record. Atlanta had a lil taste of it, Kansas City loved the record. It was just as big there as St.Louis. Little Rock, Austin, TX, and few other small markets.Your latest single "Hella Good" is starting to pick up sum buzz, tell us about it?Hella Good is produced by Blame Wiz who I started with when I was 15. The record basically came up when people felt like I was missing because I wasnt getting radio spins off any new records. Almost as if I fell off. I never took a break. Always was working, touring, and dropping projects so we dropped that record to let them know.Your latest project "Via Dolorosa" is a lot different from your early work. Tell us what made you go in a direction of more "Hip Hop" then the club records?I love club records I grew up listening to all types of music. But honestly I just went through so much from the closest person to me M-Eazy getting diagnosed with MS to losing my Dad I just felt like I
don't care what people think. Instead of quitting rap, I made that album for me. Now its new life to my creativity. It was no marketing scheme to it. I simply did what I wanted even if people would have said it was horrible I would have been happy. Via Dolorosa is the path Jesus walked before being crucified. Thats how this game is. One minute they be all for you. Next minute they be trying to crucify you. I experienced that with We Dont luv em. So many new friends came along. Then soon as they thought I was done I dont hear from them.What sports did you grow up playing and who was your favorite athlete and why?I played football and mostly basketball. My favorite athlete.... I have two. My cousins Daniel and Jason Horton. Daniel was starting point guard for Michigan, Jason starting point for Missouri. They my favorite because I watched them work hard and get as far as they did. I also felt like they went through what Im going through now. Daniel started on the Junior Olympic team with Carmelo and was cool with Chris Bosh but never broke through in the NBA. They motivate me to keep pushing and they like my brothers.What's your favorite book?I don't have one really. If I had to pick one I'll say the Bible.I'm shooting videos to Jesus, Real or Fake, 1994, and maybe a few more. I'm working on some tour dates possibly may have a performance at A3C this year. Also working on a colab show with Saint Boogie Brass Band in STL.What do you want people take away from your music?I want them to see that being humble, being normal, being you is ok.Social media?@SaintOeaux on Twitter and Ig.

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Check out our exclusive interview with IAmAGame.IAmAGame, where did you get your stage name from?My name is Agame and I got the name from a girl I went to school with
she said she gave me the name because it describes my personality. But
on paper we use the name iamagame because on paper there are like 17
million agames.What part of St.Louis are you from? What was life like growing up there?North side; I don't think my life was any different from anybody
else's it was a place where certain rules apply to the area so we were
taught to move accordingly, obviously everything that we see on the
news is true buts that not 100% of the story because while some people
see the north side as a scary place some of us consider it home.You've been making noise in STL for awhile, you've won STL Freshmen
of the Year Award and countless others, how does it feel to get some
early recognition on your music?It feels good to be recognized for your work, I'm thankful and appreciativeYou have a single out now called "Cant Tell" .....tells us about
it, who produced it, where the idea come from?K-swisha produced the record and the idea came from being in the
music industry and realizing that a lot of it is imagery and not
realityWho is your favorite athlete?Deion SandersWhat was your favorite cartoon growing up?Rugats, hay Arnold , rocos modern lifeHow do you go about pick your beats?I just listen to a whole bunch of them some from the internet or what
used to be the internet now I just listen to beats in the studio now
a days I been searching for primarily St. Louis productionWhat are studio essentials for you?RAW CONES9) Do you have any side business ventures?Yes ! I own a company called Frathouse productions, we throw parties
and music events primary mission of Frathouse productions is to be the
source of success for new artists from St. Louis and possibly the
world and to be apart of the generation that changes the culture of
St. Louis. I am also looking to buy my first property on my birthday
July 31What is next for you, another single album mixtape?I have a mix tape coming out called" My city made me a monster" and
I'll be dropping an album the same yearWhat's your social media?My social media is amagamestl on instagram, iamagame1 on twitter,
also iamagame1 on soundcloud and iamagame on spotify and itunes music

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Male Artist of 2016: Aye Verb Female Artist of 2016: Kash Doll Artist of the Year 2016: Kash Doll 

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