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Basic Information
Birthday:Jan 11
Short Desc:DJ D.Hawks aka The Turntable Bully
Description:Welcome to the Official Mobile App of DJ D.Hawks

DJ D. Hawks was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. As a youngin, he grew up listening to his mom play classic R&B and house party records. From the beginning, Hawks took an interest in the quality of music, which led to him make mix cds while enrolled at Virginia State University. While at VSU, he became intrigued about the art form of djing by watching an up and coming DJ and fellow Portsmouth native, DJ Fonz, spin at various college events. Fonz eventually mentored Hawks once he decided to begin his own djing career.

In 2007, Hawks began working with another local Disc Jockey, Joe Form, who had 35 years of djing experience. Hawks worked with Joe Form for a little over a year, even purchasing his first equipment from Joe Form. In 2008, Hawks begin spinning at his first private event aboard the Spirit of Norfolk. It was here that Hawks would meet and later befriend one of VA's legendary DJ's, 103Jamz own DJ Bee.

In 2009, Hawks began studying the art of turntablism while watching Bee spin at various functions. Eventually, after many practice sessions, Hawks started opening up for Bee at Ibiza Lounge in Norfolk, VA. Hawks would soon branch out on his own, making his mark in the private event market through his own company DJDHawks Entertainment. In the later part of 2009, Hawks would come to meet and later befriend another legendary VA DJ, DJ Ruckus aka Corporate Money.

In 2010, Hawks started to become a household name in his hometown of Portsmouth and other surrounding 757 cities. Eventually he began spinning at a popular Portsmouth lounge called Krush. One night while spinning at Krush, he would meet another up and coming DJ in the 757, DJ Precise. The two would soon collaborate on several private events, including the Cancer Masquerade Bash at Mangos, while strengthening their brand within the 757 market.

Hawks has made his mark in the 757 DJ market through his niche for marketing himself. Hawks has branded himself through his custom T-Shirts, custom DJ Labels (, and his custom logo. You can hear several of DJ D Hawk's mixes playing in various DTLR stores throughout the 757 area. Recently, Hawks linked up with Precise and Ruckus, along with 2 other legendary VA DJs, DJ Strez and DJ Puff Dragon. The 5 DJs have formed a brotherhood and eventually plan on becoming an official DJ Crew.

Hawks attributes some of his success through the influence of legendary DJs such as DJ Kid Capri, DJ Scratch, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Bee, DJ Rick Geez, DJ Karee, DJ Roc Raider, DJ Excel and DJ Spinbad.

Special thanks and acknowledgment to the following DJs for your help and mentoring: DJ Fonz, DJ Mista Cham, DJ SDot, DJ Bee, Joe Form, DJ Big P and DJ Chubb. Last, but certainly not least, Hawks would like to thank GOD, his family, true friends, and especially his heart, his mother V. Hawks, for their continued support throughout the years.

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