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what type of embroidery threads from Jipusi-yarn


Embroidery threads can be used for many different arts and craft projects. Choosing the correct type of thread for any embroidery job is important because the color and texture of the design and the appearance of the final product depend on the material and type of wire used. Anyone who buys embroidery lines has been aware of a lot of choices. With so many different choices, choosing a type of thread may become difficult.So what type of embroidery threads? Rayon: This line has a very good luster, so the best embroidery design is sewn with it. Artificial filaments can be made from a combination of two or more colors to form a single strand to a solid strand. They can be widely used, mainly the standard 40 wt and 30 wt. Even if rayon is the most popular type, it is not very strong because of its thinness. Polyester thread is more durable than silkworm, but not attractive. However, this embroidery line will hardly shrink or fade, and if combined with rayon, they provide almost the same effect. It is also cheaper than rayon.And metal Wire: This type of wire has a core wrapped with a metal foil which can be coated with a silver alloy and which is added to the foil with a polyester film which may also be applied as an undercoat layer. Metal wire is one of the most durable on the market.Cotton: Due to its texture, the cotton thread can be widely tensioned. It has a very good luster, is quite sturdy (although finer threads are more than 50 weight is not), usually used for machine embroidery. Silk: Silk embroidery line is almost no rupture, has its own unique, may be the best luster. The lines are available in a variety of sizes, but their usability is low, so they are mainly used for luxury fabrics.Mylar thread: Plies of film are combined into a layer, cut into slices to create mylar threads. They are durable, but may break under high speed sewing. A unique color feature is a holographic tone that picks up and reflects light or color from other surrounding objects. This greatly enhances the color and design of the embroidery.You can choose according to their own needs with different characteristics of the embroidery line. Polyester Textured Yarn :

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