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My circle of life!!! Wheels of Steel are the best!! In this picture are some of the turntables I've played on over the years. There are my Technics 1200MK2s, my first pair of pro tables.. (had a pair of straight arm Techs first) Then there are my pair of Numark original TTX's... loved these! Great construction  and sturdiness. And finally when I crossed over to the digital age,  I bought the Numark HDX'ss. The first unit with a hard drive already built in. Very practical at the time, especially when it had 80gigs of space at your disposal. As you can gather, I'm a Numark guy.  I got rid of my favorite unit which was the Numark V7. Great digital turntables especially for turntablelist. Just a brief look into some of my equipment. But after 30+ years in this game, I respect the DJ no matter what platform you choose!!! #RespecttheDJ.   

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