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Michael Boykin

Basic Information
Location:Hillcrest Hgts, Maryland
Birthday:Jan 16
Short Desc:Go-Go/Hip-Hop/R&B/Old School...etc
Description:Welcome to the Home to all things DJ Heir-Raid!!!

In this App, you will be able to find out about upcoming
shows and events. You will be able to find out what
radio stations to hear me on and when. You will be able to
choose and listen to mixtapes of DJ Heir-Raid along with
playlist. You will be able to see all the Social Media platforms
that DJ Heir-Raid participates in and along with photos & videos
for your enjoyment. Also Contact and Booking Info.

Contact Information
Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/DJ HEIR-RAID
Instagramhttp://www.instagram.com/DJ HEIR-RAID