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I'm on a mission to make the world T.H.O.T.... Oh i'm not referring to that hoe over there, I'm talking about being Thoroughly Honest & Overtly Transparent! I mean, can you imagine a world where everyone is T.H.O.T?? How much BS would cease if the world was T.H.O.T? Alot of the issues we have in the world come from people having secret agendas and hidden intentions. Nobody wants to own they're truths. People make excuse after excuse with no reasoning whatsoever. Whats wrong with being you? Why dont you love you enough to be unappologetically selfish with your happiness? You have to start with being Thoroughly Honest & Overtly Transparent with yourself first. For four years i had time to asess myself, I felt dirty so i had to undress myself, then address myself, and re-dress myself, bc i cant blame nobody else nop just MYSELF!

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