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DJ Tony Neal
Basic Information
Location:Tempe, AZ
Birthday:Feb 26
Short Desc:DJ Tony Neal Core DJ President Ranked #8 on The Source Most Powerful DJs
Description:Tony Neal set out just under a decade ago to change the culture of DJ coalitions across the country and succeed beyond even his own imagination. His vision was made a reality when he founded the CORE DJs Worldwide. With Tony’s executive leadership, the CORE DJs Worldwide successfully put the responsibility of breaking that fresh new artist, song or genre in music back on the hands of the DJ. Tony Neal began to DJ as a hobby at the age of 15, and has been behind the tables ever since. With a passion for bringing relevance to B & C markets, Core DJs Worldwide has become one of the strongest, most consistant and most recognizable brands in the entertainment industry. The Core DJs Worldwide is more than just a typical DJ crew, it is a solid network, brand and family. The Core, as it has become known, not only set the trends in music, fashion and lifestyle industries, but sparked the movement of the next generation of DJ crews across the globe. Now in its 11th year, The Core DJs Worldwide is the premier coalition for DJs. Its membership motivation is to empower and educate the core of the music industry--the DJ. The brand has a multitude of the country’s most influential DJs as well as International DJ Talent as official Core DJ members. The primary purpose of what The Core Worldwide is expanded to include the highly anticipated national events throughout the year, Core Hotlists, Core Conference Calls, Core Viral Promotions, Core Models, Core XXXDJs, Core Latinos, and Core Africa. Beginning the Core DJs Worldwide has placed Tony in a position to be one of the most influential people in Hip-Hop as well as, given him an opportunity to accomplish many goals. Now, the co-owner of WNOV radio, co-owner of, Mixshow DJ for Shade45; KFRH Las Vegas, KREV San Francisco,CA; KRCK Palm Springs, CA; WRVZ Charleston, WV; KSXY Santa Rosa, CA; and WFLC Miami, FL. Back to back Source Power 30 Awards (2013 & 2014), seventeen Rap City appearances, four BET 106 & Park appearances, panelist on BET’s Top 10

Rappers of the 21st Century, and having accomplished so much more, he has no plans of an early retirement.
Tony Neal is a regular on Sway in The Morning. He holds the Keys to the Cities of Myrtle Beach, SC, Dallas, TX, and Milwaukee, WI. “Being able to represent the city of Milwaukee and help to provide a platform for emerging talent across the globe is important,” says Neal, “but my goal is to make sure that DJs are treated just as important as they used to be,
everything starts and ends with the DJ”. -Tony Neal
Tony is well on his way toward building this legacy. His hometown of Milwaukee has already dedicated a day to him, which just happens to be September 14, his birthday. In true Virgo fashion he executes a Virgo Tour that begins and
ends in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is his hometown, but he also has a key to the city of Dallas, TX and Myrtle Beach, SC.
It remains to be seen the total impact Tony Neal will leave on the music industry, with his contribution of The Core DJs, but all signs point toward greatness! The consistently growing international strength and branding power of The Core
DJs Worldwide present an endless opportunity for Tony Neal to continue on his quest of innovation and influence on the world’s view of the DJ.

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