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Artist, activist & community leader bridging lost souls of the streets to the Word of God and changing the world one song at a time.... Read More

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Gospel Rap Artist, Deacon Don Dy-Dy's releases his Latest EP, "Spiritual Ammo."Deacon's latest EP includes the lead single "Seeds In The Field" which has reached over 85,000 streams on Spotify. His album displays his artistic abity to deliver an infusion of Gospel and Hip-Hop.

Having grown up in the city from which the original platform for hip-hop was birthed, Don Dy-Dy was a student of emcees of an era of a musical art form that no longer exists, yet, decades after its inception, the pioneers of the b-boy era are still celebrated without question. Deacon Don Dy-Dy lyrically delivers his message, in order to reach all walks of life.

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