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Matt Joyce is drawing walks but doing nothing


The Oakland A's placed starter Trevor Cahill on the disabled list on Wednesday, the team announced. To replace him on the roster, they called up top outfield prospect Dustin Fowler from Triple A Nashville.

The diagnosis for Cahill is an elbow impingement. The elbow "barked a little in [his] last start," says John Shea of the S.F. Chronicle. However, Cahill underwent an MRI that came back clean, reports Melissa Lockard of The Athletic. He's currently expected to miss the minimum 10 days on a precautionary DL trip, via insider Jane Lee. Cahill is coming off his best performance of the year in his last start, in which he struck out 12 Orioles in six scoreless innings.

Cahill, 2018 2.25 ERA, 24 ip, 31 Ks Jesse Hahn Jersey, 6 BB, 2 HR, 2.41 FIP

Given Cahill's strong performance so far, this is a blow to the A's rotation right as the team prepares for a 10 game tour of the AL East's most intimidating opponents and ballparks. His next turn would have been Friday against the Yankees, and the A's will call someone up to replace him rather than rolling with anyone currently on the squad, reports Lockard. That means the most likely options are probably 

Daniel Gossett, who has dominated Triple A in five games since his demotion, and is scheduled to start for Nashville on Thursday
Kendall Graveman, who tossed a quality start his last time out for the Sounds and is already scheduled for Friday in Nashville
In happier news, Fowler is finally getting the call to Oakland. The top prospect was acquired last July in the Sonny Gray trade, and he ranked No. 4 on our preseason Community Prospect List. He missed much of 2017 to a knee injury incurred before the trade, so he began 2018 in Triple A to get his legs back under him. After a briefly slow start to the year, he got hot over the last 14 games, posting a 1.075 OPS with 11 of his 23 hits going for extra bases.


Fowler, 2018 AAA .310/.333/.484, 108 wRC , 3 HR, 8 SB, 3.8 BB, 16.7 Ks

Among his most encouraging stats, Fowler ranked third in the Pacific Coast League with 8 stolen bases in 10 tries, and he also legged out three triples. His speed had been one of his better tools before the major knee bangup, so hopefully that's a sign that he recovered that part of his game.

Fowler isn't in the lineup for Wednesday's afternoon game, though he is available off the bench, reports Lee. She goes on to note that he's most likely to make his first start on Friday in New York ... against none other than Sonny, the very pitcher he was traded for. Fowler has already technically made his MLB debut, the day he was injured last June, but he's still looking forward to his first big league plate appearance.

The A's makeshift outfield has finally shown some cracks lately, making it a prime time for Fowler to get some reps. Mark Canha is 2 for 20 after his sizzling start to the season, and Jake Smolinski has been a zero at the plate in a backup role. Stephen Piscotty has struggled on both sides of the ball and is now dealing with the passing of his mother, which will lead to time on the bereavement list from Friday through Monday, reports Shea. Matt Joyce is drawing walks but doing nothing else, with a .187 average and little power.

We'll see if this turns out to be a cup of coffee for Fowler, especially with Piscotty due to miss some time coming up, or if he can play his way into a regular role. One way or other, he was definitely ready for a look.

Feel better, Trevor! Welcome, Dustin!

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Since I don't want to talk about Roberto Osuna, let's talk about the roster, and things that might happen between now and the end of the season.

Let's start with guys who are injured

Curtis Granderson Marco Estrada Jersey  Apparently he was running yesterday and he's about ready to play. I guess that he would DH for a bit before playing outfield, or that's what I'd do with him. Of course, I like the idea of Alford and Pompey playing as much as possible. They both play good defense and, well, I think it's time to see what they can do.
Aledmys Diaz They told us he was out of the walking boot. They are saying that they will reevaluate him in a week or so. He'll likely go for a few rehab games at that point. I'd be as happy to keep Gurriel at short anyway.
Randal Grichuk It will be close to the end of May before he is ready to play. And I'm expecting the team will send him for 'rehab' and keep him in rehab for as long as the rules allow.
Troy Tulowitzki Who knows? His 60 days will be up at the end of the month. They say he can start 'baseball activities' soon. I don't know when or if he will be back.
Steve Peace On the DL with an oblique strain. I haven't seen any suggestion of a time table for him to be back. It's safe to guess he won't be back this month.
Let's talk about some other guys at random

Devon Travis Devon is hitting .185/.185/.222 after 6 games in Buffalo. It's pretty simple, he won't be back until he starts hitting. It might be awhile.
Kendrys Morales Who thought he'd be this bad? Hitting .148/.239/.272 at the moment. Since his 2 home run day, back on May 1, he's had 1 hit. 1 hit. A single. In 28 at bats. It seems like the 2 home runs made teams underline the 'DO NOT THROW KENDRYS FASTBALLS' line in the scouting report. I can understand why. The question of how long the Jays will continue to keep him around if he doesn't start hitting is an open one. I have been thinking he'd stay with the team until sometime in June, but 1 single in 28 at bats might have the team rethinking that. Of course, the answer might be he'll be gone when Pearce comes back. Without Pearce, Morales is, nominally, the backup first baseman. Of course, the answer to when they release might be when they call up.....
Vladimir Guerrero Jr I thought there was zero chance that he would get called up this year, mostly for reasons of control, would you rather have him at 19 or at 26? But he's hitting .392/.446/.657. That's a video game line. The club is saying all the right things about developing him at third base and not being in a rush to get him up. They have to say these things. I don't see anything wrong with bringing him up to DH. The Blue Jays, at one time, did that with their top prospects. John Olerud, Fred McGriff, Carlos Delgado played DH their first season with the team. The team felt it was a good way to introduce them to the majors and let them just focus on hitting. I still agree with the idea. They can say he has to play third to help his development, but I believe working out at third, while DHing maybe playing some games at third , with the best coaches in the system helping him, is a good thing. If the best coaches aren't in Toronto, we are doing things wrong.
I still doubt he'll be up soon, and, actually, I'd like to see him deal with a slump while in AA ball. I know it is weird, but I'll like to see him go through a bad stretch, just be see how he deals with it. I think there is little chance he'll be up before mid season. But who knows?

Marcus Stroman He has a 7.71 ERA. Should he still be in the rotation? It is a number that doesn't belong in a major league rotation. I don't know what's going on with him. His fastball is a tiny be slower 92.2 mph, compared to 93.3 . I don't think that's a big deal, lots of guys are a little slower early in the season. Aaron Sanchez is averaging 93.4 on his fastball, after 94.9 last year. I don't think that's the problem.
I don't know what's the problem. I keep looking at his numbers with the bases empty .247/.333/.312 and with runners on .351/.402/.597 and wonder if it is small sample noise or if he's having trouble out of the stretch or if it is just when things start going downhill they continue to go downhill.

Should we send him out? I really don't think so, I don't see that we do well unless Marcus does well. I think we just have to ride it out and hope he figures it out. If he doesn't we aren't going to win and if he is in the minors we aren't going to win

Deck McGuire If we are going to call up another pitcher, I'd like to look at Deck. I'd like him as long reliever in the pen, or, if we need a starter, I'd like to give him a shot. He's having a nice start to his season, 3.68 ERA in 4 starts. 22 innings, 15 hits, 11 walks and 23 strikeouts. He went 8 innings in his last start, 2 earned, 6 hits, 1 walk and 7 strikeouts. I'm curious to see him and I think we need a long reliever. Jake Petricka isn't giving us anything we don't already have in the pen. Sam Gaviglio is pitching well too.
You thoughts?

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Major League Baseball and Facebook have teamed up for an agreement to show 25 regular season afternoon games live on the social media platform this year, which works out to one a week.

The Giants last of a Johnny Cueto Jersey  four game series against the Phillies in Philadelphia on Thursday morning was recently announced as this week s Facebook game, according to a press release.

There s one big problem the game will only be shown on Facebook - meaning anyone without an account is out of luck, as the game won t be aired on TV or through MLB apps.

It s a deal that was set this March in the offseason and received criticism at the time. Now, it s infuriating Giants fans and even beat writers most of whom don t watch the games on TV because, well, they re in the press box , who for years have been able to see all 162 games via televised broadcast.
Some also weighed in on the odd timing of the deal. Facebook has been at the center of controversy on topics including advertising, data misuse and privacy, so some fans are unhappy with MLB s decision to team up with the social media giant. The partnership deal was unanimously approved by all 30 team owners.

MLB joined forces with Facebook to stream 20 games in 2017, but those broadcasts weren t Facebook only exclusives.

Here s what baseball enthusiasts had to say
As pointed out by Henry Schulman, Giants beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, it s a partnership intended to give baseball a more global reach and gain an audience among fans who may not have cable, but do have a Facebook account which is free . Most baseball enthusiasts still don t think that s reason enough to yank a game off TV , leaving fans who don t have a social media presence - many of them elderly - in the dark, perhaps dusting off their radio dials to hear the play by play.

As upset as Giants fans are , it might be enraging Facebook less Philadelphia fans even more Six weeks into the season, the Phillies have been featured as the network s game of the week

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