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Rapper Ponzo Houdini Debuts new Video for "You Wasn't There"

Ponzo Houdini has released the official video for his new single, "You Wasn't There." The song is an anthem to the fickleness of people and the struggles of artists making their way to the top."The song is about people not being around when you struggling and grinding to pursue your dreams and goals, but want to be there when you start winning," said Houdini."Fake love."Produced by Kyduh Beatz, the song is from Houdini's "Embrace the Struggle" album that debuted on Dec. 15, 2017. Released on Houdini's independent Cake Boss Life Entertainmentlabel, it's available on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and all digital platforms.The multi-layered and faceted video opens with Houdini rapping in the Jefferson Projects where he grew up and amply demonstrates major problems in today's society. As Houdini is shooting the video, someone calls the police to report he's fighting and causing a disturbance. The video ends with Houdini on the precipice of a mountain, symbolizing life on the edge when someone is struggling in pursuit of their dreams.He released "You Wasn't There." and when it received significant plays, the head of a well-known record label reached out to him, requesting other tracks and talking about a recording deal. You Wasn't There was among the songs that were submitted. The record label was never heard from again, the song's name was changed to "Lame," and it was released by another artist with only minor word changes to the lyrics.Houdini released his first mixtape "Wanted" on, followed by the album "Controlled Substance." He's endured more than his share of difficulties in his personal life and dishonesty within the music industry.The gifted artist came to the notice of Tunde Balogun with Atlantic Records who said, "Although his music was good enough, he didn't have the fan base for the type of deal he was pursing." Working as an independent artist, Houdini has succeeded in garnering an extensive fan base and following.The release of his "You Wasn't There" video marks another benchmark on Houdini's journey of success. He's lived the experiences that he sings about and wears many hats - rapper, songwriter and entertainer - working and touring with artists that include Skippa Da Flippa, Rich the Kid, OJ da Juiceman, and Future and he now has his own merchandise brand.About Ponzo HoudiniRaised in the Jefferson Projects, his parents separated when he was young and his mother struggled with drug addiction. He and his brother were raised by his father, grandmother and aunt. He was an honor roll student until the age of 14 when he began selling drugs. He served a year in jail and founded his record label when he was released. He violated parole to release his mixtape and later surrendered himself to authorities and served two years in state prison.Media Contact: Info@vancenycc.comYouTube:

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Upcoming artists Riva Le'Rose talks, industry life and new single "Wine For Me"

We had the pleasure of interviewing Miss. Riva Le'Rose as she spoke about life in the industry. Sit back and get your popcorn ready as we jump into this interview. 
Tell the people who you are and the meaning behind your name? I'm just a real loyal, down to earth, cookie kind of gal from the island that's here to set a name for herself. Riva Le'Rose Is a breakdown of my real name and it simply means the new me. 

How long have you been an artist? All my life At what age did you notice you had talent? 12

Everyone has a success story what's yours? I'm still trying to make my success story come true, because I never have any good endings. 

Tell us about your mixtape? I don't have a mix tape yet however I do have a single and my single basically talks about a caribbean woman expressing her love to a certain individual. 

 What's next from you? Putting more music out, more videos out, building my Fanbase, and letting the world know who Riva Le'Rose is. 

Please inform us on your next project? My next project will be my Wine for me video & my EP

Could you tell us your life struggles? Overcoming Being taking advantage of, And not being taking

 How can the fans reach you? You can find me on Facebook by Riva D Le'Rose, you could find me on instagram & Twitter by riva_lerose

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