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DJ LeBron
Basic Information
Location:Charlotte, NC
Birthday:Aug 15
Short Desc:DJ Entertainer
Description:Fleet DJs own and owner of C'leb Entertainment DJ Services, DJ LeBron is one of the sons of the legendary Salsa group called "The LeBron Brothers" and has spent most of his childhood time in recording studios. Raised in Brooklyn NY, DJ LeBron started learning how to DJ at the early age of 10 years old. Being influenced by his cousin's performances in the park, he learned to master the art of scratching. Knowing that DJ LeBron had talent, his brother taught him how to incorporate mixing (beat matching) & blending to his style, which made him a very know neighborhood DJ by the age of 13.

At 18 long time friend Izzy Perez who educated him on the different genres of music as well as different cultures and traditions introduce DJ LeBron to the professional side of the DJ world. He used everything that was taught to him to become one of New York City's most versatile & multi-cultural DJ's.

In 2007 DJ LeBron relocated to the Greater Charlotte area to branch off his company C'leb Entertainment and rapidly started making a reputation for his NY style mixing skills in both English & Spanish music which lead him to be the only Latin DJ to perform at the DNC media parties in Charlotte. Not only is he active in the Wedding industry in NC, SC, NY, GA, PA, VA & Florida, but he also plays for clubs and special events in those areas as well. He is also a proud member of the Fleet Djs and the Charlotte chapter manager of The International DJ Cafe.

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