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Basic Information
Location:West Babylon, NY
Birthday:Feb 6

Jerry “DJ Legend” Cummings is what is called the authentic DJ. With over 25 years of experience in the industry Legend remains extremely humble. Legend is the true example of what the phrase practice makes perfect is all about. With dedication, passion and a natural born instinct of mixing music DJ Legend is truly a living legend.

Legend has loved music from a young age and his tastes in music were quickly influenced while growing up by listening to musical greats like Rick James, Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Guy, Luther Vandross, Run DMC, Funky Four Plus one More, LL Cool J, James Brown and countless others. Growing up in 80’s, like many youth of the era Legend was exposed to Hip Hop, Pop, Disco, House, Funk and Club music. As a teenager, Legend worked for the Wiz music store in Queens, NY which gave him direct exposure to limitless vinyl records at his finger tips and his love affair with music was born. He was one of the original djs that mixed in the window at the Wiz.

In 1984 as an emcee in the hip hop group Progression in Queens, New York Legend made his first entertainment impression on listeners by producing a hip hop record entitled Tom Tom where Legend was the DJ and emcee. Since then, Legend has been wowing crowds ever since.

Now Legend continues to turn heads because he is a master of every music genre from R&B to Reggae while others in the DJ world have decided to be known for one genre. With his crowd awing mixing techniques he is also known for his exclusive blends and is a true crowd-pleaser. He has Djayed in various Clubs throughout Queens, Long Island and New York City such as The Tunnel, Planet 28, Café Wandyful, The Encore, Club Area etc. Also he has opened up for other Dj’s such as Kid Capri, BizMarkie, Tommy Allen, Lady D Wells, and FunkMaster Flex. Whether a wedding, Ski trip, or nightclub you will enjoy the DJ Legend’s party rocking skills.

The reason DJ Legend and friends started The Free Agents dj crew:
Long Island needs a Dj crew that’s humble yet strong and has the love for music and crowd pleasing. Most Djs nowadays are just in it for the quick cash and have no skills in actual mixing aka “push button dj”. Each one in this crew has actual mixing skills and can hold their own at a party or in the clubs. We each have our own style of versatility that makes us stand out from other crews. Also we own our own equipment (lighting, turntables, speakers, amps etc) that enables us to handle any type of venue. We also have skills in marketing and promoting which comes from each of our individual years of experience

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