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Florida Wave Radio for

Florida Wave Radio for

Florida Wave Radio for

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Florida Wave Radio

Basic Information
Location:Pompano Beach, FL
Birthday:Jan 22
Short Desc:Spinning todays hottest music on the 1's and 2's
Description:Born and raised in The Bronx NYC, DJ Hijack aspired at being part of the ever-growing Hip-Hop culture. Realizing early on he was gifted in rapping, he sought different opportunities to take it to the next level. After joining the military and moving to San Diego Ca., he landed his first production deal, however his military obligation limited his ability promote his music. After leaving the service he moved to Orlando Fl., and achieved a BSIT and an MBA. With an undying desire for music, he started focusing on the art of DJ'ing taught to him by his DJ and a longtime friend "DJ Select", and "DJ Silkman". In 2018 DJ Hijack joined forces with the world's largest conglomerate of DJ's "The Fleet DJ's". He has been making a major impact on the industry by breaking today's hottest songs. He currently hosts three weekly radio shows, DJ's major events.

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