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Aigle missionnaire, located in the heart of Southest Haïti , is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need. With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, a... Read More


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Compassion Survival for Babies


Compassion's Survival is a powerful way to help mothers and babies escape the cycle of poverty. Your support will help mothers to give their babies the best possible life, despite the difficulties of living in poverty. The odds are already stacked against babies born in poverty, and Survival offers an opportunity to change this reality. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable.

Compassion Survival works through the local church to help mothers learn to care for their babies. Mothers learn about breastfeeding and safe food preparation. They receive food supplements, vitamins and spiritual support. When their babies are ready to be born, a birth attendant and advocate is with them.

With Compassion, you can have confidence that the money you give to Survival will directly help mothers and their babies in desperate need. When you hear the stories of the way God is changing lives through this program, you can't help but get involved

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Despite living under difficult circumstances of extreme poverty, this mother and her precious baby daughter from Uganda are healthy, joyful and thriving.

When we first met Kate, she felt voiceless and alone. “When I joined the center, I felt like I couldn’t speak, I had lost hope. The father (to Pamela) had abandoned us. I was so hurt and didn’t even know if I could give birth. Compassion was my intervention,” states Kate.

Just over six months later, Kate has found her voice! She is fully immersed in a loving community that empowers her, prays for her and cares for her and her family. Her baby Pamela is getting the love and care she deserves to grow healthy and strong.

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