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I only see what are some things that have a positive effect on your YOUniverse?

Well, first, let's explore the word YOUniverse.

I define Youniverse as the result of mind, body, and soul/spirit/NTCHR connecting through electric impulses. Your vehicle in this particular YOUniverse is ecompassed by your body.

Another way to INNERstand the connection is too think of a car. Everybody has their own. If you have children, they are still in their own vehicle...even if it is attached to yours like a tracker trailer.

The car's body is of course your body, we'll get the obvious out the way first. This is the make, model, engine, etc. The being driving is the mind. This being controls which way the body of the car moves and also which of it's functions activate (lights, blinkers, wipers, ENGINE). Oh the soul/spirit/NTCHR in your YOUniverse! It has no is the atmosphere of your car. What is smelt, felt, by the mind (the driver).

NOW ASK SELF...What associations are left behind from your life's journey?

What is riding around in the car with you?

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