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DJs On Demand

Basic Information
Location:Cincinnati, OH
Birthday:Aug 1
Short Desc:TV and Radio Show for DJs WorldWide
Description:DJs On Demand App offers a global presence on all major Smart Devices! Djs On Demand App is a Television and Radio Streaming Program that will encompass Disk Jockeys from all over the globe. Djs On Demand creates and uploads content and provides a wide array of services for the Disk Jockey and entertainers alike. Services include but not limited to: Distribution, Radio Rotation, Live showcases, Promo Videos, Bookings, Graphic Designs, Social media campaigns and much more! The App offers special features including unlimited 24/7 hours of mix-time and streaming content with daily On Demand coverage that the Disc Jockey controls. The newly developed App has the capabilities for video and audio upload with unlimited audio. The Disk Jockey will be able to monetize their On Demand show by selling air time to artists and capitalizing on advertising and merchandising/e-commerce. Thus, giving the Disk Jockey and artists a legitimate, defined audience in front of millions world-wide!

Contact Information
Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/DJs On Demand
YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/DJs On Demand TV Network