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DJ Mr. Yeah
Basic Information
Location:Louisville, KY
Birthday:Apr 18
Short Desc:DJ Mr. Yeah is a groundbreaking Live On-Air Personality and Traveling DJ with an ear for Great Sound
Description:"The Smoothest DJ on the Planet"

That's how Charles describes himself as a DJ. DJ Mr. Yeah is a groundbreaking Live On-Air Personality and Traveling DJ from Louisville, KY. With an ear for great sound, DJ Mr. Yeah takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, sampling everything from Hip-hop and R&B, Funk and Old School, Dubstep and EDM, Soul and Gospel, and a hint of Urban Latin.

His one-of-a-kind performances and releases absorb listeners and followers with an unmatched emotional intensity and bring excitement through his personality and the love for music.
Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves best.
A very active person in the local community, Charles is not a stranger to the ups-and-downs of large city music and entertainment scene.

With years Charles developed a great deal of music, entertainment, and market experience making him a full package. With this, today Charles aka DJ Mr. Yeah is now an On-air Radio Personality and DJ with Power106.3 FM-KY, hosting his own show and podcast: "Slow Jams Louisville and the Quiet Storm KY". As a DJ, Promoter and Radio personality, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically.

"For me, it's all about you and me connecting through music...playing tracks that will get you tapping and moving your feet, nodding or bopping your head, whichever word you prefer, without realizing it, regardless of the genre beat, style or release date."

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