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Bryan Wood

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The Peoples DJ


The Peoples DJ

DJ Cordone Fairhope Al 

bryan j wood was born and raised on CO.Rd.1 in fairhope al. Get it? CO.RD.ONE the road he grew up on and inspiration from his moms achievements influenced his career in becoming DJ Cordone. Cordone has travled the world 17 countries to be exact, his love for diffrent cultures grows rapidly within him and explodes when he's in the booth. Starting small DJ Cordone was a house DJ for a local club but quickly progressed into, THE PEOPLES DJ. From playing at some of the hottest clubs in the south to promoting and advising local artist. he just does it all folks. Cordone has worked with some well known artist as well as interviewing for the Fleet Djs where he holds the title for the Fleet Djs of Alabama Head A&R also he He Has the Peoples Review Show For independent artist also he is apart of ollywop Radio/TMB99

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