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Eglise Baptiste Ebenezer for

Eglise Baptiste Ebenezer for

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Pastor Jean Francois is passionate about reaching people through the love of God. He sees the Lord in all aspects of life, and conveys his deep faith through sermons, classes, and actions. Pastor Jean... Read More


Eglise Baptiste Ebenezer

Eglise Baptiste Ebenezer


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Christian Singer Charles Billingsley Recuperating from COVID-19

Charles Billingsley and his wife Shae had just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary when he began to feel the symptoms of the illness they soon learned was the coronavirus.

Laying in a hospital bed in Lynchburg, Virginia, the award-winning worship leader tearfully admitted during an interview with Faithwire, "I got real angry with the Lord, because He wasn't healing me like I thought He should."

"I felt so convicted for that for so many days, and almost embarrassed, but I'll tell you, this thing will do a number on you mentally as much as it does physically," he explained.

Now on the mend - though his doctor told him his outcome could have been devastating had he not been in such good physical shape - Billingsley said he's learned a great deal about himself and God over the last 30 days. Read more on FAITHWIRE

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