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Michael Ivy

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Location:Hyattsville, MD
Birthday:Nov 21
Short Desc:Black Music History
Description:The concept of Camelwalk Productions is based off an ageless African-American Dance Craze. It is believed to have originated in the Southern region of the United States and can be traced as far back to 1910. It was highly associated with Vaudeville dancers. The connection to this project, is it makes one face the circular nature of the current popular culture, exposing that what is often thought as new, really are recycled artifacts.

Thanks to direct and indirect influencers like James Brown and Michael Jackson, the Camelwalk dance has been kept alive for several generations and that is the spirit of Camelwalk Productions, to enlighten and to carry on these traditions (particularly musical in nature) whose origins are often buried treasures in the Black cultural experience. Many people who have documented our culture in the past don’t properly connect the dots.

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