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Don't Sweat It, Put Your Headphones On


Don't Sweat It, Put Your Headphones On

"If it don't touch my soul, I can't listen to it."
 A popular saying in today's music given the quality has decreased tremendously in meaning and feeling. As most people would say, "They don't make music like they used to" pertaining to the new generation of what's out today versus between the 70's and early 2000's you could feel what was being said, artist and writers collaborated to take emotions, sing through a microphone and make you feel what they were feeling, make you see what they were saying, and that music would stick around til the end of time. In a person opinion I feel that there's a song for any situation someone may go through, for example with a relationship just with songs from Keith Sweat you may start with "I want her" when you first see this person to " There you go telling me no again" when meeting resistance in a pursuit of happiness. When confused about the decision they would make you would want them to "Tell me it's me you want" why? Because, "I'll give all my love to you." Then once my emotions get aroused I maybe ready to "Make You Sweat, " notions of hot romance that I started because I realized I really wanted it so all I had to do was " Get up on it." Being so deep into a relationship " Don't stop your love" let's make this "Last Forever." We all know all relationships are not a fairytale and problems come into play and the story continues in music by you possibly having the feeling that "Something just ain't right" so please tell me "How deep is your love" and "How Many ways" do I have to show you, tell you, that I'm here for you? Your mind can be in a million places on what to do stuck in the "Merry Go around" of love before you realize yourself in the situation and find your worth and your still covered with music when you tell that person they have you "Twisted." There's no more crying "In the rain" so don't ask me about that person or whatever happened it was just "One of them thangs" all of that is in the past, no more being down, "I'm going for mine." See there's a passion in music that can sooth a soul, it will always be there, never leave you to your lonesome, and let you know someone out there feels the same as you do.

- Shad De'Vante

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