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Star-Dome Entertainment for

Star-Dome Entertainment for

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Star-Dome Entertainment
Basic Information
Location:Hyde Park, MA
Birthday:Nov 19
Short Desc:We help musicians establish their place in the industry!
Description:Star-Dome Entertainment provides premium services, ranging from song writing, music production, and publishing, to artist development, marketing, and promotion. All Star-Dome and services are geared towards the production, publishing, and distribution of quality music.

What especially makes Star-Dome Entertainment unique within the industry is the wealth of talent, creativity, and commitment of each artist as well as each administrative team member. More than a collection of individual brands housed beneath one roof, Star-Dome Entertainment operates as a singular, cohesive entity, where all aspects of the music and entertainment industries connect and intertwine.

Such an inclusive approach creates an environment where no detail is overlooked, and both artists and business-minded persons are appreciated and catered to equally. Such an integrated atmosphere also ensures that no stone is unturned when it comes to seeking out new, creative, and lucrative opportunities in areas such as television and film.

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