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Miss T's Thoughts


Miss T's Thoughts

Have you ever seen the Jamie Foxx show where Jamie for years was trying to get with fancy and it seemed like on every account she just wasn't interested (in public) but privately she had her moments where she found herself missing key parts about him (think back when he left to sing with kc and Jojo) no matter what happened at the end Jamie got his lady.

I gave you that message to say this. Sometimes the very thing that we want isn't what we need at that moment. The more we give and give to a person, place or thing can set us straight for a moment but the person, place or thing that we truly need makes us wait until it's the right moment.

You can't rush what is already meant for you no matter how you try to align your time the right way it's never going to truly satisfy you because you rushed to get it.

It's like being in a relationship that you wanted for so long but because you rushed the timing of it, now your back at square one wishing you would of stayed patient.

The moral of my message is the things you want most will come but stay persistent, stay true and remain humble.


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Miss T's Thoughts


Miss T's Thoughts

Miss T's Thoughts ??

Have you ever asked yourself

What are the benefits of giving up in your relationship?
What am I trying to save?
What am I trying to let go?

Give up those things in your relationship that are toxic/ or holding no value so that you can really be prepared for that special thing that makes you laugh/ smile.

Giving up is easy but remaining consistent and strong in the midst of triumph is the hard part.
If your with someone and they can't challenge your mind what's the benefit in having them.

Each day I am learning that relationships are about compromise it's about sacrifice, communication, trust , respect etc.
What are you willing to sacrifice for your relationship is it friends, family a job even?

I'm also realizing that questions are the most important trait when learning someone, they way their body language reacts to questions the way their eyes shift during a conversation or even the way they text you during the day all plays apart.

Take the first step in realizing what's building and what's failing and determine the "WHY" while doing so.


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Trusting And Listening


Trusting And Listening

Let's talk about the value of trusting your significant in a relationship and hearing them speak ??

We first have to define what trust is: Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something..

Okay so let's break this down in terms it states having a "Firm" belief- so it's not stating a soft belief or a hard belief but a firm belief in the "RELIABILITY" "TRUTH" "ABILITY" or "STRENGTH" of someone or something

So now we have to ask during the course of this relationship is the person you are with I.e dating or courting( an older term) or even married to reliable meaning can you depend on that person when you are going through a rough time or not feeling yourself

Do you believe that this person is always keeping it 100 with you can you trust what they are telling you
Is their ability to comfort you "reliable" enough to handle all aspects of you meaning what makes you emotional, those trigger moments and those off times ( the times you want to shut down )

Their strength it's simple CAN THEY HANDLE YOU?

Not everyone is equipped to handle what comes with you many will try, some will come closer to the goal line and others will fail at mile marker one.

Questions that you have to ask yourself and your partner at the beginning of any relationship and during the relationship, no one wants a relationship that's built on lies, mistrust and no clear understanding on the "WHY" that's built around you.

I challenge anyone who's in a relationship no matter what stage you're currently in to ask those questions and take the time to listen to what your partner is saying


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Miss T's Thoughts


Miss T's Thoughts

Have you ever been so in love that you fall victim to being blind when signs that you should let it go are right in front of you ?

When you go through those moments of struggle can you turn to that significant other for comfort?

Or how about when your short on a bill can they help you fulfill those moments of worry or stress?

What's the purpose of being with someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart ??

I found that when being in a relationship it takes questions and dedication it takes patience it takes responsibility and it takes being watchful in every situation that arises in your circle ??

If you are in a relationship to please that person clearly you are in the wrong relationship

Relationships are about trust, compromise, respect, and sacrifice of course there are more parts to a relationship but I just wanted to share what I have been observing

It takes a strong person ???? to deal the emotional side of another person but an even stronger person to deal with the pain that person is trying to get rid of ?

Always remember you control who lives rent free and who pays the rent in your mind, don't allow anyone to play victim in your mind. ??

Miss T ?

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