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State of Hip-Hop

J. Vybe -Karma | @j_vybe1221


J. Vybe -Karma | @j_vybe1221

J. Vybe a dope up and coming artist from Massacusetts drops his latest track Karma on all major streaming platforms. Click the image above to check it out and add it to your spotify playlists. J. Vybe will be dropping all new music soon make sure to give him a follow on all his official social sites also listed below. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist.
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/J.Vybe1221/?view_public_for=100249822028495

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/j.vybe/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/j_vybe1221

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0zwndE1WDBIVIZLvg7FSVd

KARMA Track Link (spotify) - https://open.spotify.com/album/61abXeDzedNQAEoBf6ymUE?si=M2u9CSTGTKOjfWzX39XwQQ

Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/j-vybe/1547041170

Bandcamp - https://jvybe.bandcamp.com/releases

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/j-vybe

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/03/j-vybe-karma-j_vybe1221

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Samson Brown Releases His New Single "Till The End"

VANCOUVER, BC, March 24th, 2021 - "Till The End," a new single from up-and-coming hip hop artist Samson Brown, has officially hit streaming platforms. Written by Brown and produced by Saad & Tory Danhousen, the edgy and provocative hip hop track can now be streamed and playlisted via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.


A departure from Samson's typical R&B style, Till The End showcases Brown's maturity as an artist into a more aggressive and confrontational hip hop genre. The rising Vancouver-based rapper's captivating cadence and vocal flair are set to act as a catalyst for what looks like a crazy year for the young artist. Brown blends his boundary-pushing vocals, akin to artists like JPEG MAFIA and DoeBoy, with heavy and intoxicating electronics and a cadence that can be easily traced to his influences from 2Pac and Biggie Smalls.


"This song is very different from most of the other songs that I've recorded in the past, it's more aggressive and really edgy. I wanted to give my listeners a different and new type of vibe that they never heard from me before," says Brown.


The rising star, who has over 24k followers on Spotify, recorded the track in Toronto and says he was inspired by the mood he was locked into in the city. The narrative is inspired by an innocent one-night-stand that blew out of control. "I hooked up with a girl from the bar and it turned out she had a boyfriend that wasn't pleased to find out in the morning," says the artist.


Raised in Edmonton after immigrating from Ghana, Brown started making music at the age of 13 on his Windows '98 computer, mixing songs on OG software Mixcraft. Brown says although he cites old school hip hop as his main inspiration, he is also inspired by how much the genre has evolved over the years. "The whole culture-it's grown so much, and I'm really happy to be a part of it," says Brown. "Till The End" is the first of many upcoming hip hop singles that Brown is dropping this spring. Listen to the new track here.


Connect with Samson Brown.




via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/03/samson-brown-releases-his-new-single-till-the-end

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Shu Da God - Yeah Yeah Yeah


Rising from the mean streets of Baltimore City, Shu Da God is an emerging rapper currently bringing his hard-hitting anthems to the global stage. His songs paint a picture of what it's really like on the streets of America, along with music made for everyone, fusing intelligent lyricism with hard-hitting hooks. Here's one artist that's hard to ignore.

Check out Shu Da God's track Yeah Yeah Yeah and let us know your thoughts!!!


via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/03/shu-da-god-yeah-yeah-yeah

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AMD1 - Fist of Vengeance (Iron Fist)


AMD1 - Fist of Vengeance (Iron Fist)

AMD1 out of Houston, Texas just dropped off his video Fist of Vengeance (Iron Fist).

Check out AMD1's video Fist of Vengeance (Iron Fist) and let us know your thoughts!!!


via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/03/amd1-fist-of-vengeance-iron-fist

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A. Johnz bring Soul to new single "Ride with Me." @ajohnzmusic

In a perfect environment, you would experience great weather, no drama, a lady by your side and a dope ride to take her on a trip with. Many have seen those days and A. Johnz has painted a picture of just that.

Representing the city of Nashville, A. Johnz teams up with producers DopeBoyz Music to bring the world "Ride with Me". This song touches on cruising through the highway with the woman of your dreams, filled with Romance and positive vibes. ATL is the destination and the vibe can't be any better.

"Girl we speeding on the highway, Riding wit my top drop down" is just the beginning of the catchy chorus that will keep you in tune with the record itself. A. Johnz has a soul feel that may remind you of Charlie Wilson. If you don't know who that is make sure to do your homework.

"Ride with Me" by A. Johnz is available on all digital platforms now.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ajohnzmusic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/A-Johnz-168301010525012/

Website: https://www.sippsoulent.com/a-johnz

Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/FBp4ix5PVoA

Single Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/ride-with-me-single/1540884387

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/a-johnz-bring-soul-to-new-single-ride-with-me-ajohnzmusic

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Da OldHead - Give It Back


Da OldHead artist out of  Virginia Beach, Virginia just dropped off his track titled Give It Back. According to Da OldHead himself "This music is for hiphop lovers and people going through the struggle trying to make sense of the streets. I've been around the block and hopefully can help some young bulls from going the route I took."

Check out Da OldHead's track Give It Back and let us know your thoughts!!!


via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/da-oldhead-give-it-back

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Blackwater OG - Too Hot | @blackwater_og



BlackWater Og Drops his latest single Too Hot out now on all major streaming platforms make sure to click the link below to check it out or click play on the video above. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist leave some feedback in the comment sections and if you like the sound make sure to follow BlackWater Og on all his social media also listed below he will be dropping all new music all of 2021.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blackwater_og/
Twitter https://twitter.com/blackwater_og
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/6qkpSICGhXwCQox0V8lfuf?si=OhMzAPCTTMe81g7LHpcT2A&nd=1

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/blackwater-og-too-hot-blackwater_og

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[New Album] Young Trap - Love vs. Lust @YoungTrapMuzic

Memphis rapper Young Trap is back with his new album "Love vs. Lust!" The album was released on Valentine's Day and has more of an r&b feel than most of Young Trap's previous material. The songs "Nasty" (feat. Icon Desz) and "M.i.a." (feat. J Gale) are the only two features on the album. "Love vs. Lust" was produced by "FD" from "Heat on da Beat", Synesthetic Nation, Maskerade Beats, Primestars Beats, Raw Keys, and Maestro! The album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA by Tommy D Daugherty (Former engineer for Death Row Records) and mixed by @Biggdee_901 in Memphis, TN! His 1st video "M.i.a. (feat. J Gale) was directed by Lenny Coote (@llenzel).

Social Media:




Booking: 770-369-7303

Stream: linktr.ee/lovevslust

M.i.a Video: https://youtu.be/tWSCm0ThGSw

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/new-album-young-trap-love-vs-lust-youngtrapmuzic

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Meet the First Black Entrepreneur to Invent a Solar Powered Backpack

Meet Mike Bellot, the CEO and Co-Founder of Solo Bag - an innovative school backpack that provides light for reading and power for charging mobile phones and tablets. The backpack was cleverly designed with a built-in solar panel to help students in third world countries who have little to no reliable access to electricity.

Bellot, who is 26-years old and from Haiti, studied global politics and international trade in Taiwan. He says he was inspired to invent the bag when his cousin tragically died from a fire in Haiti. His cousin, who aspired to be a doctor, had been studying late at night when the candle he was using caused a fire in his house and sadly he became trapped inside.

After the tragic incident, Bellot became determined to create a solution that would be safer, cost-effective, and accessible - not only to Haitians - but also to the other 1.2 billion people around the world who do not have access to electricity, according to the International Energy Agency in 2016.

Solo Bag, which was created with the help of Mike's friend, Torcel Wendianne, is embedded with a solar panel that absorbs energy that is stored in a battery bank. It powers the LED lamp installed in the bag, and it's enough power to safely illuminate a room for up to 6 hours - plenty of time for students to do their homework at night. The bag also comes with a USB port where mobile phones and other electronic devices can be charged and a GPS tracker in case they are lost.

Forbes Magazine says that Bellot is among the 10 most prolific Haitian entrepreneurs reinventing Haiti's narrative. He was also one of the 100 winners of Meaningful Business in 2020 and was named "The Most Outstanding Young Person of the Year 2019" by the young International Chamber (JCI-Haiti).

Follow him on both Instagram and Facebook

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/meet-the-first-black-entrepreneur-to-invent-a-solar-powered-backpack

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This 10-Year Old Entrepreneur Just Bought a School Bus to Convert It into a Food Truck

Micah Harrigan, a 10-year old entrepreneur from Philadelphia who started selling lemonade on the sidewalk last summer, is ready to upgrade his business. In fact, he just purchased a school bus that he plans to convert into a food truck.

Micah, a 5th-grade honors student, thought of the lemonade business idea last winter. Since it wasn't ideal at that time, he was only able to work it out last March before the stay-at-home orders were executed.

He started packaging the lemonade and iced tea in bottles and bags but it wasn't cost-effective. Three months after, he discovered 16-ounce clear plastic cups with lids and used those to pack lemonade he sold at his sidewalk stand. On the first day, his company, Micah's Mixx, instantly sold out.

With the help of social media promotion from Micah himself and other people who shared his story, his sales continued to increase. He eventually began doing pop-up events and sold more than 1,500 bottles. He saved up from his profits and also received donations in cash and in-kind from people who believed in him.

His mother, Danielle, first thought of purchasing a trailer to attach to her car but realized that it wouldn't be easy to drive that in the city. That's when they began searching for mini school buses online. Eventually, they found and purchased a yellow minibus for $4,000 that was previously owned by a private school.

Now, they have started a GoFundMe page to help raise the funds needed to convert the bus into a food truck with counters and refrigeration, which would cost around $10,000. So far, they have raised over $1,700 of their goal.

Once Micah is able to officially launch his lemonade food truck business, he says that he hopes to sell more bottles of lemonade to pay his mother back and give away free lemonade to the homeless people who live in his city as well.

For more details about Micah and his journey, follow him on Instagram @micahsmixx

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/02/this-10-year-old-entrepreneur-just-bought-a-school-bus-to-convert-it-into-a-food-truck

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