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About Me
Black MN Esthetician, who specializes in the beautification of skin care.
Services include cosmetic skin treatments, facials, superficial chemical peels,
body treatments, and waxing. Eyebrow Threadin... Read More


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The Black Threadist


The Black Threadist

Tiffani is The Black Threadist™

Tiffani Washington graduated from Aveda Institute Minneapolis as a licensed Esthetician, where she mastered the art of skin. As early as age 12, she began “arching” eyebrows for friends. Her technique consisted of using a single edge razor blade to create amazing precision. After graduating from Aveda in 2016 her love for eyebrows was reignited in the form of “threading,” and she became the Black Threadist ™!

Tiffani is an inspirational, artistic goddess, creative consultant, and a visionary. Under God’s ordained calling, she gets to the heart of each matter by applying her own personal experiences. She knows that God is not a respecter of persons and applies this knowledge to anyone she comes in contact with. Her determination and strength comes from the knowledge that every human being can reach their “promised place” in God, including herself!

She is a gifted healer, edifier, and encourager of the heart: Her strengths were recognized several years ago when she realized God ordained her to reach the hearts of women who were hurting. She operates under the prophetic anointing, exercising divine ability to see right into the hearts of those who are struggling with life’s traumas.

Ms. Washington is a published poet, her writing in “Lyrical Freedoms from the Heart” was called concise, piercing, edifying and electric. Her talents also include creative consulting for literary projects, advisory and freelance consultation.

Near and dear to her heart is God’dat, which she founded in 2013. God’dat allows her to exhibit her love for client styling and fashion. Ms. Tiffani holistically applies her experiences and her testimony, along with the word of God to transform lives and minds.

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