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Sinceray Jackson
Basic Information
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:Mar 30
Short Desc:Exclusive Access to SupaLyric Brand
Born in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. SupaLyric hails from a family of talent. Her grandfather who played and toured with James Brown in the early part of his success and her uncle who writes and collaborates with such people as Teddy Riley.

SupaLyric has been performing since the age of 15, when she won her first talent show singing "When I close my eyes". She then moved on in her career to record various singles which got her the spo light performance with "Lil Will" and "Webbie".

Following her local fame in Indianapolis as top female R&B singer; she then sought out to record a Hip Hop track; afterwards learning she had a real craft for writing hip hop songs.

As self-described Queen of the turn-up; SupaLyric moved to Louisville, Kentucky where she then started to perform at various venues in the city; marking her stamp on the Hip Hop community she found herself competing in showcases such as "The Voice", "American Idol", and the "Bar 4 Bar Championship". SupaLyric has won various awards throughout her career. Writing her own songs and lyrically mastering her skills she has come into her prime.