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Henrietta Thomas

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Location:North Arlington, NJ
Birthday:Apr 20
Short Desc:Woman Of God. With Honestly Loving Heart Love My Life and Breast Cancer Survivor
Description:All the prayers and praise honors goes out to God over my life. See this all about God. See my first healing of God when I got older to understand the testimony of my loving mother and father strong faith in God. I was diner as a newborn baby. Mother did as the words of God told her. Anyone among us is sick called preacher. The preacher also the satins of Gods come to house and prayed without a doctor around but doctor Jesus. To this day I am still here.Now God is showing me for myself. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017-2019 in remission the cancer came back at the beginning of 2021- 2023 but God still have a live and well no matter what I am going through. The thing about it I don’t look like my diagnosis doesn’t feel in my spirit like my diagnosis. God blessed me two adults and helped to take care of my parents are RIP cover my life share the in heart to my special kid on the school bus then moved me in my career for 10 years take care of Mother’s and Father’s others kids

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Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/Henrietta Thomas