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Countless people have come to look for timely motivation from renowned Speaker, Author, and Coach, Myles W. Miller. Join him on his mission to bring his unique blend of inspiration, motivation, and en... Read More

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Through the Fire

Through the Fire

Through The FireBy: Myles W. Miller“None could be strong if we did not go through countless wrong.”― Rizi Dame C. BrizAbout year ago, I had a dream that I survived a vicious fiery plane crash without any safety devices and walked away with only a few visible scratches… In the hospital, the nurses asked who I was and told me that was impossible because there was no survivors from the flight..It didn’t make sense until today… As I look back over this past year, my life has felt like a plane crash. Many experts who have examined the “wreckage” have determined that no one survived… However, we don’t live our lives based on the assessment of experts… We live our lives based on our individual Divine assignments… If your assignment isn’t complete, people can write you off all they want to, but God will preserve you and reignite you to get it done!What areas of your life have people written you off and have determined that all is lost? Where have you believed that it’s over for your dreams? When did you quit? No matter the answers to those questions, I come to you today in the intention of my mantra and motto, “Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Quit on Your Dreams!“No matter what the critics/naysayers/self-anointed experts have to say about your life, as long as you have inspiration in your spirit, life in your body, and soundness of your mind, beautiful things can still happen for you. You are designed to prosper and flourish in every area of your life!!! I love you all and pray that you place a firm demand on this universe for everything that God has promised you is yours and that you don’t miss not one speck! NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GET UP AND GO GET IT!!!Love,+Myles © 2014 Myles W. Miller and Lion Heart Enterprises——————————————————————————————–Myles W. Miller is an accomplished author of countless articles and short stories on success, motivation, empowerment, and writing. He conducts dynamic seminars and workshops and is available for speaking engagements and telephone coaching sessions. He can be contacted via e-mail at

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